Rich kids of politions

We tend to work with first generation entrepreneurs who create wealth. A byproduct of their professional success is the complexity created in their personal life. Our role is to develop bespoke solutions to address that complexity. Top of mind to many of these first generation wealth creators is a major concern—I don’t want to mess up or harm my family ... Read More »

Ex president received honorary doctorate

An honorary doctorate is a high-level academic recognition granted by a university to a recipient without completion of the normal requirements for that degree. Schools grant them to honor the recipient, while also benefiting the university by association. Recipients sometimes have no relationship with the school, no prior degrees, and no formal higher education; though on occasion they might already ... Read More »

The royal family together

The early Christian community distinguished between the identification of the date of Jesus’ birth and the liturgical celebration of that event. The actual observance of the day of Jesus’ birth was long in coming. In particular, during the first two centuries of Christianity there was strong opposition to recognizing birthdays of martyrs or, for that matter, of Jesus. Numerous Church ... Read More »

The only city in America with a Muslim majority

The rest of America may be agonizing over the security implications of taking in those fleeing the twin horrors of Bashar al-Assad and ISIS.  But Syrian refugees are being welcomed with open arms in Hamtramck, Michigan – America’s first and only majority Muslim city.  Once 90 percent Polish Catholic, the blue-collar enclave just outside Detroit has been transformed by successive ... Read More »

Palais Coburg Residenz Hotel

Located in the heart of Vienna, just behind the Parkring, Palais Coburg Residenz offers views over the park, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the old city. A stately palace dating back to 1844, it was turned into a hotel in 2003. Behind the recently restored neoclassical façade, it combines historical ambiance and skillfully incorporated medieval features with contemporary design elements, and ... Read More »

The future queen of the Netherlands

In a major step forward, Dutch caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte hypothetically stated his stance on homosexuality for the royals. He was of the opinion that any king or queen could marry a person of the same sex to ascend to the throne. It is to be noted that the Netherlands parliament acknowledged same-sex marriage in 2001. However, it was ... Read More »

Lily Fallah, daughter of the Minister of Oil

Reza Fallah, an Iranian oil official under the Shah, died Dec. 5 at his home in Windsor, England, according to reports from London. He was 73 years old. Mr. Fallah was deputy chairman of the Iran’s National Oil Company from 1974 to 1979, when he followed Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlevi into exile. Earlier he managed the Abadan oil refinery after ... Read More »

Part time job King of the Netherlands

The Dutch king has revealed that for more than two decades he has, alongside his royal duties, held down a part-time second job. In a newspaper interview published on Wednesday, King Willem-Alexander said that he recently ended his role as a regular “guest pilot” after 21 years on KLM’s fleet of Fokker 70 planes and before that on Dutch carrier ... Read More »

Tiffany Granddaughter of Shahpour Abdul Reza Pahlavi

A Persian Beauty, Princess Tiffany Pahlavi Lonsdale, great granddaughter of late Reza Shah Bozorg. Their oldest son, H.I.H Prince Aabdolreza, was married to beautiful Lady, Pari Sima Zand who gave birth to two children, Princess Sarvenaz and Prince Kamyar. Princess Sarvenaz later married an English gentleman, Sir Lonsdale. They were blessed with a beautiful daughter named Tiffany who grow up ... Read More »

About Politicion Mohammad Sadegh Kharrazi

Although lobbying can be a positive force in democracy, it can also be a mechanism for powerful groups to influence laws and regulations at the expense of the public interest. This may result in undue influence, unfair competition and policy capture, to the detriment of effective policy making. While many countries are addressing lobbying related risks, practices to influence public ... Read More »