Leandro De Niro-Rodriguez, an actor died

Robert De Niro’s former son-in-law had a gut-wrenching reaction arriving at the home of the actor’s daughter to mourn the unexcepted death of their 19-year-old son, Leandro De Niro Rodriguez. Carlos Rodriguez, a pioneering subway graffiti artist, wore a baseball cap and shades but could not conceal his anguish when he showed up at Drena De Niro’s apartment building in the West Village Monday morning. Rodriguez, dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt and jeans, and carrying a large blue duffel bag, appeared visibly distressed as he leaned against the front door and bowed his head, hiding his face from view, as seen in exclusive photos taken by The Post. Rodriguez did not make any public statement while waiting for someone to open the door to the building and let him in.