Madalina Diana Ghenea known as Sophia Loren II

The Italian model Mădălina Diana Ghenea, who is Romanian by her origin is adored by the photographers, fashion designers and by men in general. This beautiful woman has incredibly long legs and a flawless figure. It is said about the girl that she has Sophia Loren’s appearance, Angelina Jolie’s look, and Anna Magnani’s figure. It is difficult not to agree with this statement when you look at Mădălina Ghenea ‘s photos. Such experienced lady’s men and judges of female beauty as Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Fassbender. The future model was born in the south of Romania, in the ancient town of Slatina which was located on the river Olt. There is no information about Mădălina Ghenea’s family. Also, little is known about her school progress. It is unlikely, that Mădălina Diana was an excellent pupil, as she hadn’t got enough time for her studies. Hardly the girl had turned into the young lady, it became clear to everybody that she had grown up from the gawky teenager into the beautiful young woman with model parameters.