Madalina Diana Ghenea known as Sophia Loren II

With a height of 1,80 cm Ghenea weighs 58 kg. But don’t hurry to draw conclusions about the typical model: Mădălina Ghenea speaks four foreign languages and in her free time she likes reading. The not bad progress of the schoolgirl, but the fact that she appeared in the fashion magazines without clothes became the main claim of her teachers. Already at the age of 14, the young Romanian posed at the podiums and took part in the photoshoots. Because of the busy working schedule, the model skipped the lessons, but the thing that became the last straw which exhausted all patience of her teachers was the photo shoot of the 16-year-old schoolgirl in the underwear. The senior pupil was expelled from the school, but she didn’t leave her hobby: having transferred to another educational institution, she continued to perform at the podium and to take part in advertising. Having received the school-leaving certificate, Mădălina Ghenea went to Italy where her model career had quickly taken off.