Paria Ghasemkhani

Anyone can become a musician, and there is no one path to enter this career field. Though becoming a professional musician takes years of practice and determination. Some musicians go to college and seek liberal arts or music degrees to hone their skills—degrees in music theory or specialized areas such as classical or opera are common. Acceptation into one of these programs typically require submission of recordings or an in-person audition. Most undergraduate programs teach music history, techniques, and styles. They also include methods for improving instrumental and vocal abilities. Some even offer voice programs to improve pitches and vocal variations. Some musicians and singers continue their education by pursuing a master’s degree.

Priya Ghasemkhani is the daughter of Bahareh Rahnama and Peyman Ghasemkhani Peyman Ghasemkhani is a well know director in the country. Priya emigrated from from the country a while ago. It is said that Priya is studying music oversea.