Paria Ghasemkhani

A musician could also teach musical instruments or music in school by gaining the proper education and certifications required for teaching. Teaching can be at an elementary, secondary, or post-secondary educational setting. Some musicians even give private lessons to clients. Most musicians and singers work part-time or intermittently. Full-time work is hard to come by. Also, they work nights, weekends and never have a consistent schedule. Some find other employment while working part-time as a musician or singer. It is a competitive field, and a low percentage of musicians can make a living doing only this.

Priya Ghasemkhani is the daughter of Bahareh Rahnama and Peyman Ghasemkhani Peyman Ghasemkhani is a well know director in the country. Priya emigrated from from the country a while ago. It is said that Priya is studying music oversea.