Social Medi Influenser Donya Jahanbakht

Donya Jahanbakht, one of the super horns of cyberspace, finally gave birth to her first child, while the father of this child is not known in detail. This delivery has been named as the most expensive delivery. Donya Jahanbakht gave birth to her first child in one of the hospitals of central London around 9:00 PM on November 11, 1400 AD. It is said that 34,000 pounds (3.1 billion tomans) has been spent so far to give birth to this boy named “Artam”. Donya Jahanbakht, who was born on November 21, 1989, was very interested in giving birth to her child on her birthday, November 20. However, because November 20 this year coincided with Sunday in the Gregorian calendar and on the holiday, he had to spend 7,000 pounds (250 million Tomans) more, so this delivery was postponed for 10 days until 11/11 AD. Come to the world.