Summer pictures of Nazanin Bonyadi

TomKat’s obsessively covered divorce was barely official before rumors were already floating around that Cruise was on the market for another Scientology-approved companion. So, here’s a cautionary tale for any young lady considering make a run for Tom, courtesy of Vanity Fair’s Maureen Orth: In late 2004, born Nazanin Boniadi — who has since appeared on General HospitalHow I Met Your Mother, and in 2008’s Iron Man — was the only church-affiliated actress to make it through a rigorous Scientology “audit,” (complete with recommendations to change her hair color and dump her boyfriend) before ultimately being presented to Tom Cruise. It didn’t really go that well.  Still believing she’d auditioned for a “training tape,” Boniadi was naturally surprised when flown to New York City to meet Tom Cruise — though she soon put two and two together.