The film of Fereydoun Farrokhzad and Turkish actress Sahar

Seher Şeniz was a 1970s Turkish actress, model and belly dancer who became famous during the golden era of Turkish film. But despite all the fame and glory, she was a deeply tortured individual who dissipated mentally until she tragically took her own life in 1992. Seher won 2nd place at the 1966 Turkey Beauty Contest. Famous for her fiery temper, she became angry at placing second so she threw her ribbon at the jury and stormed off. She yelled at them, “How can you choose me second, I’m a queen.”   This got her noticed, and her acting career peaked in the 70s. At the urging of movie producers (who told her she was perfect except for her supposedly “large” nose), Seher had a rhinoplasty. This would lead to a lifetime of constant plastic surgeries, such as breast implants, Botox and more nose job revisions.