The handsome referee of the Premier League became a model

A referee is appointed to a football game in order to apply the Laws of the Game so that it is played fairly and safely. A referee must be confident, assertive and fair in order to successfully control the game. For more information on the responsibilities of a referee, consult the law 5 of the Laws of the Game. A qualified referee much affiliate with his or her local County Football Association each season. To become a top referee at the Premier League and international level, it takes talent, dedication, experience and fitness. Referees in the Select Group (those who officiate on the Premier League) all started out on a basic referees course. Over time, they have been successfully promoted through the ranks from grassroots level, through semi-professional level, up to the Football League and beyond. If you show enough drive, determination, fitness and talent, there is no reason why you couldn’t achieve the top level of refereeing.