Who is General Manouchehr Khosrodad

Major General Manuchehr Khosrodad is one of 438 listed in a March 13, 1980 Amnesty International report. The report lists defendants who were convicted by Revolutionary Tribunals in the period from their inception until 12 August 1979. The list of victims and charges is drawn from sources including translations of indictments, reports of trials carried out by local and foreign media and the bulletins of the official Pars News Agency reports. The execution of Major General Manuchehr Khosrodad and three other former regime officials was also reported in the Ayandegan newspaper (February 16, 1979).  The news was followed by a communiqué of the Extraordinary Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal regarding the case. Additional information has been drawn from an interview with Major General Khosrodad former colleagues and and electronic form sent to the Boroumand Foundation.