Who is Rapper Sohrab MG mj

Sohrab Mostafavi, known as Sohrab MG, was born on November 19, 1364. Sohrab has migrated outside since he was a child. Sohrab is a well-known rapper who is active in the hip-hop genre. He received his primary and secondary education outside and was passionate about music and art. After finishing high school, Sohrab started looking for music with a group of his friends who were interested in music like him. His two most important friends who started playing music at the same time as Sohrab are Mehrdad Hayden and Saman Wilson. We can call these three rappers among the first and most famous rappers. These three people had a lot of success in the field of music, and one of the most important things that these three people have done is form the Z-Baz group. Sohrab MJ’s family has good financial power, and that’s why Sohrab doesn’t need money.