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Play Pong at the Stoplight!

Do you dislike waiting a long time before the traffic light turns green? Well in Germany they found a solution of some kind.. Street Pong! Sandro Engel and Holger Michel are interaction design students at HAWK University, a college in Hildesheim, Germany. They wanted to discourage people from running across busy streets. So they found a way to make waiting ... Read More »

Gadgets to use around the house

We have gathered for you the must-have new gadgets homeowners need in their lives. These purchases and sometimes splurges are surefire bets to change lives. What Makes a Home Gadget Great? We base our roundup of at-home technology around a few requirements: Necessity, Functionality, Price, Wow factor & the Genius factor! See our picks below: Read More »

A first look at Microsoft Fitness Band-Smartwatch

Everyone in the world has a wearable these days, and now it’s Microsoft’s turn. Cnet reported today that the Microsoft Band is now available after a surprise debut last night. Available only in the US for now, it costs $199, and works on Android, iPhones, and Windows Phone devices alike. In addition to the obvious optical heart-rate monitor you can ... Read More »

French Company Introduces The Halal Test kit

Two French entrepreneurs have launched a portable device to test for the presence of pork in food for use by Muslims who abide by dietary laws. With France’s five million Muslims making up about 8% of the overall population, the test, similar in size to a pregnancy test, aims to help consumers detect traces of pork not just in food, ... Read More »