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Barobax Googoosh Music Mashup

These talented young singers led by the female singer Morvarid shahbazi perform a cover version of two well know songs of Googoosh and the Barobax Band back to back. We did a little online research for those interested looks like the singers can be booked for your special events through [this] talent agency. Read More »

Unique Italain street performer drummer turns heads

Dario Rossi is a drummer who performs on the streets of Piazza Del Popolo, in Rome, Italy. But Rossi is no ordinary musician, because he doesn’t use drums. He displays his finely honed motor skills and exceptional hand-eye coordination using drumsticks and surprising items. Read More »

Bomrani the Jazz Blues band finds fans in Iran

Behzad Omrani grew up in Tehran, in a house ringing to the sounds of his father’s record collection – mostly the twangs and twirls of American Country & Western. Years later he formed Bomrani, one of the Islamic Republic’s first country-blues bands, and one of a handful of groups that has started disrupting the local music scene with performances a ... Read More »

All-star Cast Remake of Beach Boys God Only Knows

The BBC have unveiled a secretly recorded new charity version of the Beach Boys’ hit God Only Knows. A number of the world’s biggest musicians were shown performing the song on every BBC TV and radio channel at 8pm in a three minute video. God Only Knows was released as a single in aid of BBC Children in Needon Tuesday ... Read More »

Iranians and Israelis find an unlikely musical detente

Israeli-Iranian ensemble Sistanagila, combines both cultures’ music into melodic wholes. The group, which mirrors their often multicultural audience, is comprised of two Iranians, two Israelis, and a German. For the first time in mid-September, they performed to a packed house – including their Iranian audience members – at a synagogue, following a weekend performance at a cathedral and beforehand a ... Read More »

Butterfly lands on musician during an international competition

During the Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition in Odense, Denmark, Japanese flutist Yukie Ota gets an unexpected fan when a butterfly lands on her face. Regardless of why the butterfly is there, Yukie keeps it professional and finishes her song. Read More »

Lady Gaga Arrives in Dubai

Lady Gaga flounced into the United Arab Emirates this past Monday dressed rather regally as she arrived ahead of her first ever performance in the Middle East. The 28-year-old certainly made quite the impression as she landed in Dubai, dressed in a stunning sheer gold gown that was covered in gorgeous sequin and jewelled embellishments. The words ‘censor’ and ‘Gaga’ ... Read More »

New music video from KIOSK

Song title: Can’t play music here Album: Call a cab Video by: Afshean Hessam Don’t miss the upcoming concert in London August 15th Read More »

Last post Rev. Interview by Kourosh Yaghmaie

Kourosh was a Rock pioneer that you might say was ahead of his time, creating many experimental musical numbers using mainly electric guitar and keyboard. Read More »