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Woman With Rare Disorder That Causes Baggy Skin Dreams Of Modeling

Sara Geurts is done hiding her skin. The 26-year-old has Ehlers-Danlos, a rare genetic disorder that causes her skin to sag. After spending many years embarrassed by her condition, Geurts is now showing off her skin — and hopes to inspire others through modeling. Read More »

The status of women in Saudi Arabia

Security guard is in talks with women in a shop; Riyadh shopping center al-Khayat only allowed women and men who are with their husbands. Read More »

Pictures of Mazandaran Beaches

Army Beach, Mazandaran  is a village and military installation in Qareh Toghan Rural District, in the Central District of Neka County, Mazandaran Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 77, in 21 families. Read More »

Pictures of Maria Sharapova, the world’s most beautiful athlete

The most fashionable athlete in the world, according to a list published by Sports Illustrated Sports Magazine, Maria Sharapova Russian national team tennis player is known as one of the most fashionable athletes in the world. Read More »

Best Extreme Hotels in the World

PALACIO DE SAL, BOLIVIA If you’ve stayed at a hotel made of ice, it’s time to visit one made of salt. Palacio de Sal is built on the world’s largest salt flat. Even the furniture in the hotel is made of salt. The rooms at Palacio de Sal look like igloos build with salt blocks. All the rooms have a private bathroom, hot and cold water and central or electric heating. Read More »

Wang Deshun, The man 80 year old Model

Wang is actually an actor by trade, featuring in films such as The Forbidden Kingdom and Warriors of Heaven and Earth, but last year killed it on the catwalk at Chinese Fashion Week. Read More »

Golden Retriever Gives Birth to Incredibly Green Puppy

A dog owner was left baffled when her pet golden retriever gave birth to a GREEN puppy. Three-year-old family pet Rio had a litter of nine puppies last week, but when one came out mint green Louise Sutherland was gobsmacked. The extremely rare occurrence, which is thought to have happened only three times before in the world, is caused by ... Read More »