Who was Delkash the musical genius

Esmat Baqarpour Babli, also known as Dalikh, was born in Haft Esfand 1303 in Babil. He is one of the singers of traditional, folk, and pop music. They give Dehlik nicknames such as the Golden Throat Woman, Song Lady, or Atesh Karvan Art. He sings songs in Persian and Mazandarani. She has also done some songwriting, in which he gave himself the surname Nilofar. Among the songs that he wrote and sang himself is the song “Broken Instrument.” Delkash was married twice. The first time was with Shapour Yasmi, the director, screenwriter, and famous producer and the second time was with Dariush Fazunmayeh. She had a son named Sohail from this recent relationship.