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Misconceptions about cell phones

Phones nowadays are not simply the modes of communication anymore, they’re compact and sophisticated computers. The world has gone digital, and most children growing up today have no sense of what it is like to live without being connected. Read More »

Elizabeth, 18-year-old Crown Prince of Belgium at Elsenborn Camp

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium has started the new school year at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels. The Duchess of Brabant and the other 169 first year students kicked off their training with an initiation camp in Elsenborn. Read More »

Pantea Modiri and her son

A system administrator is a professional who is held accountable for network setup, annual server maintenance such as mail servers and file servers, and much more. Based upon an organization’s requirements and other IT-related infrastructure, a system administrator is tasked with providing a reliable work environment, particularly whereby multi-user computers are associated with the LAN network. Read More »

Sahar Dolatshahi on a business trip

Thailand, country located in the centre of mainland Southeast Asia. Located wholly within the tropics, Thailand encompasses diverse ecosystems, including the hilly forested areas of the northern frontier, the fertile rice fields of the central plains, the broad plateau of the northeast, and the rugged coasts along the narrow southern peninsula. Read More »

Highest-paid footballers in 2020

It took FC Barcelona 105 years to win 64 trophies before Messi joined in 2005. In the past 16 years, he’s led the team to 34 trophy wins, a performance that has landed his name among the sport’s greats—and earned him $1 billion in pretax career earnings. This year, he dragged the soccer world through weeks of cliffhanger drama as ... Read More »

Actor Elizabeth Debicki

Debicki will join a new cast for the series that includes Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth and Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret. Staunton succeeds Olivia Colman and Claire Foy in the role. Read More »

Actor Ahu Kheradmand

Ahu Kheradmand is an actress born in 1950. She graduated from the University of Dramatic Arts. She started her work in theatre from 1968 and began her career in TV productions in 1972. A year after she started working in Cinema. Read More »

Actor Nasim Adabi

The FTC SIG Fashion Styles List was created in response to a faculty request for a list of the various styles within fashion. The list continues to grow with regular suggestions provided by the international FTC SIG community. If you are aware of additional styles not included on this list, kindly share them with us in the reply section below. Read More »

Funny pictures of animals

Competitions like the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, the Siena International Photo Awards, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and Underwater Photographer of the Year collect the best photos of animals in their environments. Read More »

Actor Hediyeh Tehrani

Hedieh Tehrani is an actress. She is most noted for willingness to play mysterious, stony-faced and cold-hearted women. She began her acting career with Masoud Kimiai’s Soltan. For her appearance in Ghermez she received the Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress from the 17th Fajr International Film Festival. Read More »