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Queen of Malaysia

Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom binti Abdullah (née Anita) is the current Sultanah of Pahang and the wife of Sultan Ahmad Shah, widowed on 28 June 1988. Born on 12 September 1951, she is of Persian/Pakistani descent and was born in Taftan India & PersiaSultanah Kalsom married Sultan Ahmad Shah on 14 March 1991. Read More »

Reactions to Jill Biden’s dress

First Lady Jill Biden was spotted stepping off a plane at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on Thursday wearing fishnet-style tights that have since sparked a fashion debate. While some critics dubbed 69-year-old Biden’s look “trashy,” others called it a moment of style inspiration for all ages. “I don’t know where Jill Biden found those patterned tights but I ... Read More »

Shemshak Boutique Hotel

Shemshak Boutique Hotel, located in the pleasant Shemshak region, started its activities in 1397. The hotel building with its special and beautiful architecture is built on 2 floors and has 16 luxury rooms. The location of the complex has provided convenient access to Shemshak and Darbandsar ski slopes. Read More »

The Book Cafe

Agham Mohammad Khan Qajar, after wearing the robe of the capital over Tehran, called Tehran Dar al-Khalafah. Dar al-Khalafah has six neighborhoods in the protected area, which are north of Enghelab Street, south of Shousha Street, east of Shahbaz Street (today, September 8) and west of Kargar Street. This house belonged to Mahin al-Mulk Vazinani (son-in-law of Muzaffar al-Din Shah), ... Read More »

Queen Fauzia next to her car

In 1928, Iran and Egypt signed a trade agreement and the Iranian Chamber of Commerce was established in Cairo. It was during this time that the Iranian ambassador in Cairo arranged a meeting between King Farouk’s sister, Princess Fawzia, and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Crown Prince of Iran at the time. The political union was lauded by both parties. Read More »

Actress Elham Shabani

Costume designers have a thorough understanding of fashion design, sewing, character development and production. They are interested in the meaning behind costumes and are design experts. To them, clothes aren’t just clothes. They symbolise what a character values, highlights their personality and conveys the character’s emotional journey. Every clothing decision is carefully considered. Read More »

Nature Day 1400

Earth Day, which is what the real-world event is called, is an annual event celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, it now includes events coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network in more than 193 countries. Read More »

Vali-e-asr Street

Vali-e Asr Street is one of the main urban elements of Tehran City in the north-south direction. The starting point of the axis is Rah-ahan (railway) Square (52 23 51 E- 35 39 33 N) and its finishing point is Tajrish Square (52 23 51 E- 35 4824 N. Rah-ahan Square has an altitude of 1117m above sea level which ... Read More »

Parvin Sarlak, program manager of Roudaki Hall

Parvin Sarlak graduated from the Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of professors such as Ruhollah Khaleghi, Abolhassan Saba, Hossein Tehrani, Asghar Bahari, and several other music professors as his first student in the field of music and violin, and served the Culture and Arts Organization. Income. Shortly afterwards, she and several of the leading women music formed the Women’s ... Read More »

Lily-Rose Depp Modeling

As guests arrived at the Grand Palais on 6 October Chanel’s somewhat scaled-back SS21 show, one attendee stood out in the crowd of black ball gowns and bouclé suits: Lily-Rose Depp, the French-American actor, model and longtime ambassador for the Parisian fashion house, who stunned in a powder-pink jacket paired with an embellished tube top, high-waisted denim and a gold ... Read More »