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7 What the air hostesses know about you

If you look into their eyes Stephen Michael, from Southwest Airlines, says: “I’m fully aware of eye contact.” Often those who do not make eye contact make me curious about their condition, are they afraid of flying? Do you feel good? Do you have personal problems? People do not tell these things directly to you, and one of my main ... Read More »

The rules that the royal family must abide by

Christmas at Sandringham Palace   On New Year’s Eve, only royalty members who are married or nominated are allowed to enter Sandringham’s House. In other words, on New Year’s Eve, only the closest of the royal family will be served at Sandringham Palace, but at other New Year’s Eve each person can invite a party for lunch at Sandringham Palace. Read More »

Healthy eating habits in different countries of the world

Brazilians emphasize traditional and traditional foods and eat a lot Traditional Brazilian foods generally include rice, beans, corn and fresh vegetables. According to health websites, fruits like Mango and Papaya, vegetables such as carrots, celery, veal, sheep and fish are always seen alongside rice and beans. Read More »

“Mini World” theme park under construction

The first MINI WORLD international tourism project in the Middle East or the window toward the world is under construction in Malayer. There are 138 historical, national and international monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Hafez’s Tomb, Persepolis, Pisa Tower, and thirty-three bridges. Read More »

The most luxurious marriage celebrations in history

Prince William and Kate Middleton One of the most celebrated celebrations is Prince William’s wedding in Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011, which, like all royal marriages, was magnificent and glamorous. The designer Alexander McQueen’s bridal costume was worth $ 400,000. Also, the wedding cake (the chocolate cookies ordered by the prince himself) cost about $ 80,000, cooked by Fiona ... Read More »

5 Unbelievable incidents occur when eating high-fat foods

High-fat foods disrupt the digestive system When eating fats such as fried potatoes, the high amount of fat in these foods imposes a lot of pressure on the digestive system of the body. ” In fact, fat is digested much more slowly and calmly than carbohydrates and protein substances, digesting large amounts of enzymes and digestive secretions, such as gastric ... Read More »

The most famous opera houses in the world

Bolshoi Theatre The Bolshoy Hall in Moscow, which was rebuilt and refurbished many times over its long history, was initially a simple building of brick and stone in the 1790’s. The current building was completed by Andrei Mikhailov, Russian architect, and completed in 1824. This neoclassical theater is characterized by oriental carpets, floral silk walls and velvet chairs. Read More »

Know the world’s oldest models

Bo Gilbert is 100 years old The British Vogue magazine uses a 100-year-old model on the occasion of its centenary, it’s a great idea, no? Bo Gilbert is a 100-year-old model who has not had a Madeleine experience, but after the local magazine The Evesham Journal published his photo on the occasion of her 100th birthday, she noticed a lot ... Read More »

Know the worst traffic in the world

Beijing, China  China’s Beijing traffic is not like any of the traffic you’ve seen. Beijing’s highway traffic is a record breaking one. On August 14, 2010, the longest traffic span was 10 days. This traffic was 100 kilometers away. If you get stuck in Beijing traffic, you should contact your boss and tell you a week later! Read More »

Practical Tips to Prevent Illness on Travel

Wash your hands Hand washing is a very simple work that maybe unconsciously done many times a day, but this simple thing has an amazing effect on your health. Hand washing reduces the incidence of environmental infections to a large extent, which is very important in everyday life and in travel. Read More »