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Actor Amir-yal Arjomand

An actor is a person who acts, or has a role (a part) in a movie, television show, play, or radio show. Actors may be professional or not. Sometimes actors only sing or dance, or sometimes they only work on radio. A woman actor is actress, but the word “actor” is used for both men and women when referring to ... Read More »

Mohammad Reza Golzar with Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos started playing for the Brazil national team in 1992. He played in three World Cups, helping the team reach the final in 1998 in France, and win the 2002 tournament in Korea/Japan. He was named in the FIFA World Cup All-Star Team in 1998 and 2002. With 125 caps he has made the second most appearances for his ... Read More »

House of Nasser al-Din Shah’s mistress

“Khaneh Minaei” is the residence of one of Naser al-Din Shah’s beloved wives, “Munir al-Saltanah”, which was the reason for naming Moniriyeh Square because of this lady. Beautiful houses with original architecture that have a small pool in the middle of the yard and are decorated with the same vases as before; Wooden windows and stained glass along with white ... Read More »

Behzad Bolour’s 56th birthday

Senior producer and presenter of BBC Persia who is the creator and director of the show Crystal Violet. He has been active in youth music programs since the formation of his career – he started working in entertainment at BBC Persia Radio, and while there, he began Seventh Night, a program focused on young, undiscovered Iranian talent. Read More »

Reactions to Azadeh Namdari death

Early death for people is most commonly due to illnesses caused by smoking, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, alcohol misuse, obesity and physical inactivity. Lifestyle changes can prevent many diseases. Read More »

Luxury cars

Nothing says class like arriving somewhere in a huge luxury sedan. Crossovers and SUVs (there are a lot!) may be having their moment in the spotlight, with even exotic and luxury brands getting into the game, but full-size luxury sedans were there before, and they’ll be around long after the SUV fad fades. Read More »

Actress Shaghayegh Fattahi

Shaghayegh Fattahi, born on August 25, 1993 in Kermanshah, is a film and television actor She has a bachelor’s degree in directing from Azad University, who started her career in theater and is currently working in television and cinema. Read More »

6 Common Mistakes Many People Make Before Exercising

Getting yourself to the gym is half the battle. The other half is making your time there count. And while, as a general rule, any exercise is good exercise, if you want to ensure your workouts are of optimum effectiveness then a bit of constructive criticism can’t do any harm. Read More »

Ali Karimi with his son Havash

Although he wasn’t the first player to try his luck in the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich, Ali Karimi is probably the most renowned. A professional career lasting almost 20 years played out in four countries at a variety of clubs, resulted in Karimi becoming one of football’s best-known exports. Read More »

Artists’ reaction to Nowruz greetings

For millions of people across the globe, Nowruz is no small celebration. Think Christmas, New Year’s and Fourth of July combined — and add to it fire festivities, delicious meats, rice and spices, family gatherings, street dances and loud banging on pots. Read More »