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Runner rescued trying to reach Bermuda in bubble

A longtime endurance runner and peace activist trying to reach Bermuda in a homemade floating “Hydro Pod” was rescued by the US Coast Guard off the Florida coast on Saturday after he began suffering from fatigue. Coast Guard air crew picked up Reza Baluchi and the bubble on Saturday morning, Coast Guard spokeswoman Marilyn Fajardo said in a statement. He ... Read More »

Greatest 4×4 Trucks Ever Made

Here are our list of consumer pickups that have defined what we have expected a pickup truck to be and do. These are the compact to full-size 4×4’s we actually buy and use. Below see our pick of the greatest trucks to cover every inch, foot and mile of the world. 1) 1997 Land Rover Defender 90 Hardtop wagon Sold ... Read More »

Places that are beautiful at night

Who knew dark could be so stunning? The older we get the more we seem to want to get out at night. Well see what things you can miss. Plan your next vacation travel adventure to visit these locations, they have a lot to offer aftere the sun goes down. Below you can see our picks. [See full list here] ... Read More »

Iran’s Football Squad Begins Camp in Portugal

Tasnim – Iranian national football team arrived in Portugal on Sunday to hold a preparatory camp in the country. Iran, who is preparing for the AFC Asian Cup in Australia in January, will play two friendly matches in its camp in Lisbon. Team Melli will play UEFA Europa League participant Estoril and UEFA Champions League representative Benfica in its camp. ... Read More »

Iran produces sweet tea for diabetics

Mehr News – Iranian scientist developed a kind of organic sweet and sour tea which is the best choice for people with diabetes.   Mohammad Hossein Nekoovaght, sales manager for organic tea, said, “since our company is the first in producing organic tea in Iran and the Middle East, we decided to produce a type of organic tea which would ... Read More »

Rich kids of Tehran

At first glance, browsing through Instagram photos, you’d not think much of it: selfies, house parties, luxury European cars, attractive guys and girls dressed to the nines. With a closer look, you might notice the occasional headscarf and the script on the license plates of cars. At that point you would probably assume you’re looking at a collection of photos belonging ... Read More »

Cat becomes seeing eye guide for blind dog

14-year-old Tervel the dog is blind and partially deaf. He rarely leaves the comfort of his bed because he’s afraid of getting hurt. His life changes forever when Pudditat, a mean stray cat who likes to bully others, becomes his best friend and guide. Read More »

How Iran Scammed America Out of a Nuclear Deal

You have to salute the rulers of Iran. They stand on the verge of scoring a stunning diplomatic triumph over the United States. Even more impressive: They did it all on bluff. Their adversaries possessed material advantages in terms of money, technology, military power, and more. But Iran’s rulers had clarity of purpose and the will to win. Without these ... Read More »

The most different running outfits you’ve ever seen

Maggie Vessey is making waves in the running world, not only for her speed but also for her style. She debuted her personalized, eye-popping outfits at track meets throughout the year, transforming the oval into a high-speed runway. What will she do next? We’re not sure. But we’re watching. And if it gets more casual observers tuning in to track meets, ... Read More »

You won’t believe this video, Protect Your ATM PIN

This is a new way for bad guys to steal your ATM pin code using an iPhone without you noticing at all BUT there is a really simple way to prevent it from happening, watch the video to find out how. Read More »