Racing the best cheese in switzerland

 Staff inspect the presentation before the Swiss Cheese Awards competition in Le Sentier, Switzerland September 23, 2016. One hundred and forty-two experts have to choose the best out of 777 cheeses from 353 producers competing in 28 categories. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse. Read More »

Central Vegetable and Fruit Bazar

 It is the market that occupies the largest area (more than 170,000 m2 distributed across 7 buildings), generates the most trade and draws the most people. Around 180 companies operate from 440 points of sale. It sells more than 1 million tonnes of produce a year that is distributed worldwide. Read More »

Miniature Japanese-Food Cooking

One of the most popular Japanese companies when it comes to miniatures is Re-Ment (a truncated version of “Reform The Entertainment”) but those miniatures are plastic. In a few videos, Re-Ment sets feature prominently, including this one, where our chef prepares a potato salad. Read More »

Commemoration of Jamshid Mashayekhi

 Jamshid Mashayekhi (born 26 November 1934) is an actor in television and cinema.Mashayekhi began professional acting on stage in 1957. His first feature film role was Brick and Mirror (1965, Ebrahim Golestan). After a four-year break, he acted in The Cow (1969, Darius Mehrjui) and Kaiser (Qeysar) (1969, Masoud Kimiai). Mashayekhi commonly appears as an elderly grandfather because of his ... Read More »

Kashan Historical Houses

 Toward the end of 18th century, as a result of a deadly earthquake, a lot of structures collapsed in Kashan. This also included all the buildings of Shah Abbas I, the mighty Safavid king who liked Kashan very much. Then, under Abdol-Razaq Khan, the city governor, a lot of buildings were built and reconstructed. Read More »

Jurassic Park in Capital

The moving dinosaurs’ park is an educational, touristic and recreational place located in Sa’adatabad, capital. As the first theme park of the capital, it’s considered as a park with different species of moving dinosaur sculptures in real size, with sound and special effects. Read More »

A different prison in norway

Like everything else in Norway, the tw­o-­hour drive southeast from Oslo seemed impossibly civilized. The highways were perfectly maintained and painted, the signs clear and informative and the speed-­monitoring cameras primly intolerant. My destination was the town of Halden, which is on the border with Sweden, straddling a narrow fjord guarded by a 17th-­century fortress. Read More »

Angelina Jolie visits Jordan camp for Syria refugees

Angelina Jolie made her fourth visit to the refugee camps in Jordan since the conflict in Syria began, and as she spoke about the displaced young people, she couldn’t help but think of her own children. Read More »

Concerts shahrdad rohani in Bisotun

Shahrdad Rouhani (born 27 May 1954) is an composer, violinist/pianist, and conductor. His style is contemporary and he is well known for composing and conducting classical, instrumental, adult contemporary/new age, film soundtrack as well as pop music. Read More »

Putin and Medvedev Spend Weekend With Fishermen

During their boat trip on Lake Ilmen, both politicians met with fishermen who were sitting at a fire and making soup.The leaders stayed for dinner, chatting with the fishermen for over one and a half hours. Read More »