Health beliefs that are not true

Fresh products are healthier than frozen products Most people think this is a fact. Although it seems there is no doubt, research shows something else. In fact, frozen fruits and vegetables have the same amount of fresh food as they are packed at the peak. Read More »

There are strange museums you did not know

Museum of Fine Arts Art is an interior, so it gives you a fresh sense of seeing a collection that emphasizes the kind of art that you can not find in other museums. The works of the Badminthe Museum, which opened in 1994, may not be as beautiful as Monet’s works, but seeing portraits and landscapes of less well-known artists ... Read More »

The rules that the sons of the royal family have to follow

Deny the gift! Think of the gifts that the children of the royal family receive. Sure you can not guess the number! For example, Prince George received 800 gifts from his entourage in one year. What is he really doing with all this gift? Imagine that each of Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s children receive 800 gifts a year, which ... Read More »

Street music

They slowly opened their way to the streets in order to finally be seen in many of our daily routines. Street musicians are seen almost everywhere these days, along with street, sidewalk, metro station, and commercial, cultural and entertainment complexes. Where the cancellation of the concert sometimes becomes a problem for artists in the arena of music, street musicians have ... Read More »

Diseases that make you smell

Diabetic ketoacidosis If the diabetes is not treated properly, the body can not produce enough insulin to store the glucose we eat in our tissues. The inability of cells to use glucose causes inability to generate energy. When the body can not produce energy from the sugar, it begins to decompose fat to produce energy. The decomposition product of these ... Read More »

Stephen Hawking funeral

Stephen William Hawking CH CBE FRS FRSA (8 January 1942 – 14 March 2018) was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge. Read More »

News makers of the year

Rumor of the year Homayoun Shajarian The latest album, Homayoun Shajarian with songs from Afshin Yadollahi, again showed the high standards of the reader. But Homayoun hit the front page of the media in more than 96 years with other adventures. The first was the project of the thirty. Shahnameh project alongside Sohrab Poornazeri with Bahram Radan and Sahar Dollahshahi. ... Read More »

By following these tips, you will have a better life

Be focused   Concentration is meant to calm your mind. Focus is a kind of meditation, which means you focus on external phenomena such as breathing. For example, sit in the quiet room for 10 minutes each morning in the sounds of nature, or calming music. Read More »

Strange ban in South Korea

Do not play with chipsets In the Korean culture, there are many taboos around the chrysotile or dummy. For example, if you pierce your food with a chestnut (like we do with a fork), personal insults will be considered hospitable or cozy hosts. Hold the hawks in a vertical position or dipping it in rice to the vertical position is ... Read More »

Funeral of Dariush Shayegan

TEHRAN — Famed Iranian philosopher Dariush Shayegan, who challenged Western domination of philosophical thought and wrote the book “Cultural Schizophrenia” on the Muslim world and modernity, died on Thursday. He was 83. Read More »