University professor

A professor is a professional that teaches students after the high school level, conducts research and publishes materials related to their field of study. Professors can work at small colleges as well as large universities. There are several different types of professors, including adjunct and teaching professors. The highest position a professor can achieve is a tenured professor, which is ... Read More »

Writer abbas maroufi

The celebrated author, poet, playwright, journalist, and publisher Abbas Maroufi died on Sept. 1 in Berlin at age 65, after a long battle with cancer of the mouth and throat. “Our beloved became eternal,” a post on Khaneh Hedayat Berlin’s Instagram page said. Mr. Maroufi was best known for his 1989 novel “Symphony of the Dead,” translated into English by ... Read More »

Pro-government demonstrations

Supporters of the Iranian regime hold organized pro-government rallies to show their unity against anti-government protests. The protests were triggered by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in a hospital three days after being apprehended by the morality police in Tehran and taken to a “re-education center” for not abiding by the state’s hijab rules. The calls to ... Read More »

Rich kids in Capital

The children of rich families tend to go to better quality schools, have higher cognitive skills, and complete more years of schooling. This column exploits unique data from the National Child Development study to determine these early childhood factors go on to have long-run impacts on an individual’s lifetime earnings, perpetuating a cycle of wealth. These results suggest that policies ... Read More »

In Syrian North, Women Protest over Death of Iran’s Amini

QAMISHLI, Syria, Sept 26 (Reuters) – Hundreds of women protested in Kurdish-controlled northern Syria on Monday over the death of an Iranian Kurdish woman in the custody of Iran’s morality police, with some cutting their hair and burning headscarves in an echo of demonstrations in Iran. Mahsa Amini, 22, died earlier this month after being arrested in Tehran by police ... Read More »

Young woman in protests, becomes new symbol of defiance

Hadis Najafi, a 23-year-old Iranian woman who went viral in a video as she prepared to join anti-governmental protests, was shot dead by Iranian security forces, according to multiple reports on Sunday. Najafi was shot six times and killed in the city of Karaj by Iranian security forces on Wednesday, Iranian Journalist and women’s rights advocate Masih Alinejad, along with ... Read More »

Christiane Amanpour Chief International Anchor

Christiane Amanpour is CNN’s chief international anchor of the network’s award-winning, flagship global affairs program “Amanpour,” which also airs on PBS in the United States. She is based in the network’s London bureau. Beginning in 1983 as an entry-level assistant on the international assignment desk at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, Amanpour rose through the organization becoming a reporter at the ... Read More »

Which artists had a concert

Touring makes up a huge portion of an artist’s life and the lion’s share of the industry’s revenues. At the same time, it is the only part of the music career that remains 99% “physical” in what is otherwise the digital-first industry. While some of the artists can easily reach millions of fans via streaming, putting together an international tour ... Read More »

The new bride died

A funeral can be conducted by whomever you choose. If the funeral will be held in a religious place of worship, the clergy there can lead the service. If the funeral will be held in a funeral home, the director of the funeral home can lead the service, you can bring in a clergy member to lead the service, or ... Read More »

5th day of social justice for womans rights

Right now women and men around the world are part of an unprecedented movement for women’s rights, equality and justice. From global marches to social media campaigns like #MeToo, women are raising their voices in unison, calling out sexual harassment, organizing for unequal pay and women’s political representation. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, 8 March, is “Time ... Read More »