Celebrating the little people

Your short stomp ceremony was held Tuesday afternoon with some members of your shortcuts and cultural figures. Read More »

Things that prevent you from getting rich

If you do not have more than 3 months, you can not survive Make sure you put aside money for the day. So you have to save some money every month, and more importantly create a passive income source such as property or stock for yourself. Read More »

Storm in Capital

A storm drove 80 km / h from the airport to Capital west Wednesday, June 9th, causing damage to the trees and eventually ending with rain. Read More »

Destruction of the North Korean nuclear center

North Korea May 24,  completely destroyed its nuclear testing site. The site, called Poning, and its tunnels built on a 2,000-meter mountain in the northwest of the country, was the only known place where North Korea carried out its nuclear tests. Read More »

Fun facts about food

The label is on fruits and vegetables The Food and Drug Administration advises you to wash the fruits and vegetables before you take it, but do not forbid you to eat them. Labels are edible, however, if you can remove them before eating. Read More »

Strange jobs in the hotel industry

Mermaid coach To escape the daily life of the fantasy world, go to the Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego to spend an afternoon on the awe of a mermaid. Here you can graduate from all the concerns of modern life and dance with water on the hotel’s aquarium pool and listen to mermaid music videos along with a special ... Read More »

Flood in Lavasan

The flood occurred in the village of Turk farm Lavasanat in Capital, causing damage to the area, leaving one missing and two injured. Read More »

Foods That Do not Need A Spoon!

Chamomile potatoes A bowl of potatoes or chipmunk, which is one of the most delicious and popular snacks, should be served with a fork. Hold your fingers with one hand and hold the potato peel with the fork in the other hand and divide it into small pieces. Read More »

Women prison

The prison is located in deserts near the east of Capital, where the geographical location of the prison makes it difficult for them to meet the families of the prisoners and specially for female prisoners of general criminality. Read More »

Gestures that make you chip

With one hand, do not hold your other hand behind you When you get your back, you send a strong negative signal to others. Because we usually take that state when we are not bored or angry. The more you get the upper part of your arm, the others will see you more unhappy. Read More »