Strange Extension college courses you can take today

Burial service The Grapheton Jones College Depot Service is a great place for those who would like to be buried in the future. You do not see any work of mathematics and history in these classes, but you will learn a lot of specialized courses, such as ethics, deadlines and burial laws. Read More »

Interesting things happening in space

Sight decreases sharply The intraocular pressure (VIIP) syndrome is a visual impairment that most astronauts experience after being long-lived in space. NASA has been investigating this, but no specific cause has yet been found. Read More »

Music albums released these days

Omid Nemaati Herman album For a long time, the release of the first independent album, Omid Nemati, was a singer of the Palette group, but it did not happen until this year, finally, a few days before the start of the Fajr Music Festival, he unveiled some of his first personal album. “Humran” has been a charismatic and honest act ... Read More »

Grand opening of the jumbo jumping mat at Chitgar Lake

With the efforts of Amir Badri, director of the free-jump team’s fast-forward and world-class free-jump record, in the world, a free fall sport set was opened on the windmill in the roof of the Chitgur Lake. This sport, with the help of the management of the Bamland Collection, runs for the public jump and evacuates young people’s energies, and every ... Read More »

Winter Olympics Opening 2018

The opening ceremony of the twenty-third round of the Games was held on Friday, Twenty Bahman (February 9th), with the participation of officials from the International Olympic Committee, South Korean officials, US Vice President Mike Pence and 35,000 spectators. At the ceremony, the head of Germany, Thomas Bach, read out the International Committee of the Message on the occasion of ... Read More »

Prayer of the Iranian Jews in Susa Daniel

Jews in Susa, Daniel, a group of Christians living in Iran on Thursday at the Holy See Prophet Daniel (PBUH) prayed and worshiped in Susa, north of Khuzestan. According to IRNA, these clerics gathered on Thursday morning on the grave of the Holy Spirit in the Holy Ghost in Khuzestan. And celebrated their annual special prayer. Read More »

Foods that clog your arteries!

Meat Meat is rich in saturated fats and cholesterol. Even low-fat or low-fat meats can increase levels of cholesterol (LDL) in the blood. Processed meats, such as sausages, hot dogs, and salami, not only contain high levels of saturated fats, but also add salt to them, making the condition worse. Eating more than twice a week can cause heart disease. Read More »

Ski resort DarBand’ Sar

This small private resort is located on the slopes of Mount Seechal, at Darbandsar Village 60 kilometers North West of Tehran in Elborz Mountains. It is one of the 7 major ski resorts near Cpital city Tehran and the second most challenging resort after Shemshak in the same region. Read More »

Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

BRAZIL Why are there so many Brazilian supermodels? Because they have the genes for it. Brazilians are probably the most ethnically mixed people in the world, so combining different shades and shapes creates the most perfect of bodies. And they work on them too, since they live at the beach in Rio or flaunt themselves at the trendiest bars in ... Read More »

Older footballers who do not care about football!

¬†Kuroshy Miura The Japanese are “King Cao”. The “never-ending” samurai of Japanese football, when it came to the ball, was Ronald Reagan, the president of the United States. Mike Tyson, the unknown hero, was the world’s heaviest boxing champion and spent several months in Liverpool’s English league; a star that, along with his time in soccer, also broke out like ... Read More »