14 foods an athlete would never eat

DIET SODA Athletes see each meal as an opportunity to refuel: How much protein can I fit into this meal? How can I add more good fats? It’s what drives performance. Nutritionally void foods like artificial sweeteners have no place in their diet. Read More »

These stars are relative to each other

Capola’s and Schwarzmans are all family members with Nicolas Cage There is another great family in the Hollywood world. Francis Ford Coppola is a famous director of The Godfather series and many other uncle Jason Schwatzman films. Jason won his reputation in Rushmore and Moonrise Kingdom. His younger brother, Robert Schwazzmann, also starred in The Princess Diaries, but has since ... Read More »

Check out our pick of the best zoos around the world

SAN DIEGO ZOO – USA The zoo strives to create an environment as close to the animal’s natural habitat as possible with big expansive enclosures and lush greenery. There are giant pandas, gorillas, monkeys and elephants among the 3,700 animals living here. Read More »

What is the size of the Iranian libertarians?

Mahnaz Afshar Mahnaz Afshar has the most popular Mahri in the country. Marzieh Boroumand announced in an interview that the female actor, who is Afshar, has twice the property budget of the country’s theater behind her. After that, Afshar Hassabi complained and, in a call to Boroumand, said that her tenure is 10 branches of Nargis flower, which, if the ... Read More »

Shopping at and supporting your local businesses

Tajrish is a popular shopping area in the Capital. There are many local shops you can visit. Choosing to support an independent business is an act of respect; it’s acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent to starting your own thing. These are establishments that are often the character of a neighborhood, a community. The relationships created between customers and ... Read More »

8 Vitamins That Are a Total Waste of Money—and Could Even Be Dangerous

BETA-CAROTENE For most healthy adults, the recommended daily allowance of beta-carotone (in the form of vitamin A) is 3,000 IU for males and 2,130 IU for females. Some of its highest food sources include carrots, spinach, kale, and cantaloupe. Read More »

The most expensive flowers in the world

Astoma is a plant belonging to the Gorechanov family. This name has a Greek root and eu means good and stoma means the mouth. The flowering flowers belonging to this category are often referred to as lysineantosis. The plant is found in South America, Mexico, Panama, North America and the Caribbean. Lisinanthos ($10 – $35 per bundle) Read More »

5 colors affecting mood

Pink Pink is often recognized as a color tied to femininity, but it also has a relaxing effect on individuals. An article published in Telegraph in 2013 details the project of painting prison cells in Switzerland, and pointed out that this color can only reduce anger in prisoners in just 15 minutes. Read More »

Do not do these things with an empty stomach

Eating anti-inflammatory tablets Do not take aspirin, paracetamol and other anti-inflammatory non steroidal drugs with an empty stomach. In doing so, not only will their effects be lost, but they can also lead to a lot of damage to your health, such as stomach bleeding. Advice: Milk lowers the negative effects of NSAIDs. If it’s not available, you can wash the drug ... Read More »