Start of Travel and Tourism Show and Conference

The ninth annual Travel and Tourism conference and show opened it’s doors to the public with State ministor on hand. There were also representative from UNESCO, Greece and Russia. With the Oil revenues falling other forms of income is becoming more and more important for the country. The officials form the current “more moderate” government are trying to promote travel ... Read More »

Artist with the most Expensive Paintings

There are many wealthy people in the world ready to bid on an expensive art piece. From sculptures to paintings. In today’s post we will be looking at some of the most expensive paintings ever sold. Just take this into account the paintings in the list are not necessarily the most expensive painting in the world, this is because in ... Read More »

The masked women of Qeshm

French photographer  Eric Lafforgue recently traveled to the Persian Gulf and the island of Qeshm. Were she came across Mustache shaped masks designed centuries ago to fool invaders, so “they would mistake women for male soldiers” reports the British paper “The daily Mail”.  Then there are also different kinds of masks that cover the eyes and covered with embroidery. Below ... Read More »

The “wheels” of the Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is one of the must see places when visiting the capital. This historical market is located at the Arg Square in Southern part of the city and has several entrances, with the main being the entrance of Sabze Meydan. When entering the bazaar seems like you are walking the the world of the years past. Inventory is ... Read More »

Original dried fruit cakes made this woman a millioner

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box. The lady countertenor has created these one of a kind pastries and cakes using nothing but dried fruit spreads. No flower or whipping cream is used in the making of these cakes. Khadijeh Martashi started offering these extraordinary cakes in her two stores in North of the Country. But since last ... Read More »

Narcissus celebration in the Village of Jerreh

Narcissus celebration of flowers is recognized every year in February in the village of  Jerreh. These flower fields encompass over 70 hectares is one of the most beautiful and largest flower fields in the country. Jerreh village is located 185 kilometers from Shiraz. Read More »

Bedroom From Different Corners Of The World

Photographers Edoardo Delille and Gabriele Galimberti, have put together a beautiful photography project for us to enjoy, in which they have photographed the bedroom/personal belonging of women from around the world. Giselle Diaz, 20 — Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Read More »

Best things Covered with Chocolate

Lots of recipes call for melted chocolate. Chocolate contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that increases the body’s endorphins and natural antidepressants. Strawberries Sweet strawberries are always a fave when dipped in chocolate. An who says if it matters if they’re only for for Valentine’s Day or a summer picnic or at a fancy holiday party, feel free to enjoy them ... Read More »

Best thing after sliced bread, sliced chocolate!

It’s pretty much universally agreed that chocolate spread is one of the best things on the planet, so when Japanese company Bourbon announced cheese-like chocolate slices everyone lost their minds (and rightly so).  The makers kindly demonstrated all the ways you can improve regular food by smothering it in a chocolate slice. Below you will see a lot of suggestion ... Read More »

Dreamy interior design for kids rooms

We all love our kids, for us their room isn’t just a place for sleeping – it’s a place to were he or she can play, grow, & discover new things. We have to make it a safe and comfortable, somewhere that his or her imagination can just feel free to wander. Read More »