Countries that are hard to visit as American tourists

According to the US National Tourism Office, nearly 67 million Americans chose to take an international trip in 2016. The world may be our oyster, but some countries impose harsh visa requirements that may hinder American tourism. Saudi Arabia The Saudi Arabian government only allows tourists who have been sponsored by a legal resident or citizen. However sponsorship alone doesn’t ... Read More »

Why you should travel to Iceland

The Northern Lights and Blue Lagoon are just the beginning of this country’s epic wonders. If you want to pack in some of the most unforgettable views nature has to offer, you should book a ticket to Iceland immediately. The Blue Lagoon Tourists travel from all over to soak in the lagoon and since it’s always around 99 to 102 ... Read More »

Iconic mountains in the world you need to see

Kirkjufell: Highest point: 1519 feet (463 meters) One of the most photographed mountains in Iceland became even more popular after serving as the filming location for seasons 6 and 7 of “Game of Thrones.” Read More »

Meals You Can Make In Under 20 Minutes

SPINACH, TOMATO, AND FETA OMELET Eggs, tomatoes, and spinach all cook quickly, which means this indulgent meal takes just 15 minutes to prepare. You can expand on this basic recipe by substituting or adding other tender greens, vegetables, and meats that are already cooked. Read More »

Where Millionaires Are Moving to and from

1-Australia: +11,000 (Country with most millionaires moving in) Australia tops the list of countries that welcomed the most millionaire migrants in 2016. Last year, 11,000 high net-worth individuals made the Southern Hemisphere country their home; an increase of 38% compared to 2015. The vast majority of rich migrants hail from China. These well-heeled citizens are drawn to Australia’s high standard ... Read More »

These type of girls stay single longer

Girls who have become “males” for themselves! The number of such girls in the world is rising, and the interesting thing is that they do not even know their repulsion and are very proud of their “masculinity”. They regard other women as weak, inferior, subtle and dependent, and they are not at all willing to be looked at as women’s ... Read More »

Everyday items you can overdose on

Ice Tea A matter called naturally, there is black tea and other ingredients like spinach and rhubarb. Excess oxalization causes the kidneys to fail, and the average oxalate in the body of the man was 3 to 10 times that of the average. According to research, taking more than four cups of tea a day is dangerous. Read More »

Most unique villages you can travel to

Makhunik; the land of the Leipzig Makhunik is a village in the province of Sarbisheh in southern Khorasan province. The distance from the provincial capital, Birjand, is about 130 kilometers. Makhunik has had interesting features throughout history that has made it the name of the list of the strangest villages in Iran. Read More »

The finest “side of the road” restaurants

Mirzayi Resturant One of the old and famous dishes of the Chalous Road is Mirzai Restaurant. You can sit on the beds next to the river, or select tables in the hall. Read More »

The smallest hotel rooms in the world

CityHub (Holland) At first glance, this looks just like any other capsule hotel. It’s pretty small, and has very bare interiors. Read More »