Child’s School backpack

Man is having a conversation with a young student going to school in the oil rich area of the Khozestan province. There are a lot of families in need of loans and financial aid here. The boy is going to school using a make shift backpack made out of “sugar cane” bags, a wooden stick and some rope. Read More »

Earth’s diversity… Women of the world

Two years ago 29-year-old Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc quit her job and started traveling the world to document natural women surrounded by their culture. Visit her Facebook page here. IRAN Read More »

French firefighter calendar for 2016

Fashion photographer Fred Goudon just published a 2016 charity calendar featuring French firefighters. The money raised will be given to the NGO charity Pompiers Sans Frontières, a French organization that provides humanitarian aid. Firefighters are known for having bodies that look like they were chiseled from stone and belong on display in The Louvre. [Link to order page] Read More »

6 Places Nature broke it’s coloring jars!

We’ve gathered for you here a tour of some of the brightest, and vivid places on the planet. 6. Valley of Flowers National Park, India From towns painted bright, vivid colors to rainbow-hued natural wonders, the world is full of incredible places that are so vibrant they look surreal. Read More »

Five make list of top 500 selling artists in 2015

Each year Artprice.com draws up an international report on the contemporary art market, seen through the prism of gross auction sales. 5. Rokni Haerizadeh World Rank: 413, Highest Sale: $180K, Total Sales: $391K Read More »

Diamond ring sell for $48.4 million dollars

Last Wednesday a flawless Blue Moon Diamond sold for $48.4 million to a Hong Kong billionaire, setting a world record at the  Sotheby’s auction. After buying the 12.03-carat “Blue Moon” diamond the Chinese billionaire Joseph Lau said that he had bought the ring for her 7 year old daughter and called it the “Blue Moon of Josephine”. The Guardian reported ... Read More »

USA Men in the past 100 years

Fashion and how we look, dress, cut our hair change from decade to decade. Sixties was time of anti war and peace movement, long hair and experimenting… 70’s was was still long hair but funkier colorful clothing, music had less of a social meaning and more about dancing. 80’s was the main stream of punk and alternative rock, young people ... Read More »

The Ultimate Movie Experience

Olympia Music Hall, France Founded in 1888, by Joseph Oller, the creator of the Moulin Rouge, today easily recognizable by its giant red glowing letters announcing its name. You may have heard about an event a few years ago where this theater was filled with beds from Ikea to promote the Swedish company’s new line-up of mattresses. Read More »

StuntWoman Wins The Crystal Award

Stuntwoman Mahsa Ahmadi receives the Crystal Award on stage during the 8th Annual Action Icon Awards held at the Sheraton Universal on October 18, 2015 in Universal City, California. Recognized as the first-ever Iranian stuntwoman, Mahsa Ahmadi, was presented with the very special Crystal Award. Ahmadi began stunt training when she was 17. She was the first woman in Iran ... Read More »

How to layout a modern living room

Does your living room need an update? Make your space comfortable and stylish with these chic living room decorating ideas and pictures. Depending on your home layout, your modern living room can serve many different functions. If you have a family room, it is often a formal sitting area or parlor used for reading, relaxing and entertaining guests. If it’s ... Read More »