Tricks to Long-Lasting Marriages

Leila Hatami and Ali Mosafa; comfortably comforting Leila Hatami, 45, and Ali Masafa, 51, are in Iranian cinema; A lot of their professional behavior, the gender of their choices and their presence in the cinema, and so on The cultural heritage of both of them has transformed them into Iranian art stars. Read More »

Million dollar Idea startups

Digi-Kala   As the world’s largest online store, which plans to compete with Amazon in the Middle East, while having more user-cost and human-consuming costs than Snap, it holds about 80 percent of the country’s online retailers, with about two billion billion sales annually An equivalent of 120 billion USD is earning a net gain of approximately 100 billion Toman, ... Read More »

The opening of the Silver Gallery of Niusha Zayghami’s wife with the presence of celebrities!

The silver gallery of Arash, the opening ceremony of the gallery (Silver Arash), which belongs to the wife of Niusha Zaighami, was held on Pasargad Avenue in Tehran. There were artistic and media figures including Sayed Ali Zia, Maryam Amirjalali, Amin Hayyi, Roozbeh Moini, Parastoo Salehi, Nasrin Mohammadi, Elham Hamidi and others. Read More »

Strangest Jobs In History

Airplane Listener Before the invention of the radar, the troops should use other tools to identify the enemy. One of these techniques was to determine the acoustic position. Longer phones helped people recognize the vibrations and determine the voice position. These equipment was used from the middle of the First World War to the early World War II. Read More »

Actors Nobody Wants To Work With

Jennifer Aniston It’s hard to believe that the lovely actress who loved such a character in the nostalgic “friends” series is so pleased, but the evidence suggests that working with Jennifer Aniston is not so easy. According to a news source during the movie “Life of Crime” in 2013 in Connecticut, “the only person who did not eat food with ... Read More »

Foods to avoid during constipation

Dairy If you are suffering from lactose intolerance, avoid dairy consumption to fight constipation. People whose bodies can not process the sugar in dairy products may encounter constipation or diarrhea after they are consumed. Dairy consumption can cause bloating, and therefore people with constipation are advised not to use these products. Read More »

Common beliefs that are not true at all

Raw vegetables are healthier than cooked vegetables You need to know that this law does not apply to all vegetables. Vegetables, such as carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and beets, should be cooked. Useful minerals The cooked vegetables are 6 to 7 times better off than raw vegetables, but some vitamins also get lost due to heat. Read More »

Strange requests of stars from their maid and assistants

Lady Gaga: Warming up the bed We have seen so much of the pop star, Lady Gaga, weird strange things that we can not even wonder if we still hear strange things about him. She wears strange clothes, makes her hair different, and it looks like a person with high self-esteem is independent, but in her personal life she is ... Read More »

Common Characteristics of Cheating Men

Is a secret It’s particularly sensitive to your mobile phone and always locks on it. Some calls do not answer and tries to keep your phone out of your sight. Most women whose bets are betrayed by their spouse admit that they have seen it and when asked about their husband about it, the husband has not responded or has ... Read More »

22 Bahman March

The 1357 Revolution , or the 1979 Revolution of Bahman 57, was carried out on February 11, 1979, with the participation of various classes of people, and overthrow the Pahlavi monarchy, and provided the basis for the establishment of the Islamic Republic under the leadership of the Shiite Imam Ali (PBUH), Rouhollah Khomeini. Made The thoughts and personalities of Islam ... Read More »