Golshifteh Farahani plays in the series Invasion

It’s funny, there’s only one type of woman I’m jealous of: the ones who just find a husband and in one night they have everything. Sometimes I would love a man to buy a house and a car for me. I’ve built my life from scratch so I’m jealous of that. And of course my friends say, “Oh you cannot be that.” But I’m the one who was 14, working my ass off. They were so many things. I was thinking, “Apple is going to own me for the next God knows how many years.” It was also practical stuff, like the fact that we didn’t have all of the scripts — we only started with the first two, and we didn’t have the rest of the episodes. I couldn’t imagine how they could start a project without having the full script. They had to really calm me down because I was like, “This is a bit insane what you’re asking me to do.”