Jewels of the National Treasury

The crown is made of, red velvet; set with 1800 small pearls, along with 300 emeralds and 1,800 rubies, representing the colours of the flag. Aigrette and knurls decorated with various stones enhance the beauty of the crown. The crown’s height reaches 32 cm and is 19.5 cm. The net gold used in the Globe is 34kg, embellished with 51,366 pieces of gems. The oceans and seas are identified in emeralds and lands are shown in rubies. Southeast Asia, England and France are specified with diamonds. India is shown in pale rubies. Central and South Africa are shown in sapphires. The equator, as well as other geographical lines, is in diamonds and rubies. The diameter of the Globe is about 66 centimetres. The stand is of gold and studded with gems.