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Men vs Women Harassment In NYC!

Last week, an on-the-street video of a woman walking around New York and getting catcalled by men went viral: In the video, the woman was catcalled more than 100 times in 10 hours, and seemingly couldn’t walk a single block without someone making a pass at her. elitedaily.com Reports today that “Model Pranksters” has just released a response video of ... Read More »

Student’s unbelievable shots win him $10,000

Bryan College student Gustavo Angel Tamayo made a lay-up, a free throw, a 3-pointer and a half-court shot in succession to win $10,000 in tuition money Monday night. Tamayo made all four shots on his first attempt and just barely beat the buzzer. Amazingly Tamayo, a senior at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee,  had never played competitive basketball before and ... Read More »

Impressive Chinese acrobat

21-year-old Chinese acrobat Kai Hou shows off some impressive acrobatic skills while practicing in Los Angeles, California, for an upcoming show. Hou also includes footage from his performance in the circus show, “A MUSE”, by 7 Fingers in Leon, Mexico. Read More »

Cat becomes seeing eye guide for blind dog

14-year-old Tervel the dog is blind and partially deaf. He rarely leaves the comfort of his bed because he’s afraid of getting hurt. His life changes forever when Pudditat, a mean stray cat who likes to bully others, becomes his best friend and guide. Read More »

Frogs gather to watch a video about worms

Nature photographer Joe Myers from St. Augustine, Florida, has found the perfect way to entertain his leopard frogs: an iPhone “television” showing worms. While worms are a part of a leopard frog’s diet, they’re also known to eat snakes and small birds. Read More »

The Hug of the Century

An African lion has been filmed ’embracing’ the woman who nursed him back to health in an animal shelter in Colombia. Ana Julia Torres runs the Villa Lorena shelter for abandoned and maltreated animals. While Ms. Torres receives help from Cali’s environmental police, who deliver rescued animals to her doorstep, she shuns government financing and other involvement with the authorities. ... Read More »

Daddy took my ear and nose off!

In the video above, a little boy struggles to come to terms with his “missing” body parts after his dad pretends to take them away. “My nooose!” he bawls as his dad jokingly “pulls” it off. Don’t worry, though, both ear and nose end up making it back to their rightful places. Read More »

That moment you realize you’re a cat

For one curious Scottish Fold cat, there’s nothing quite like seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time. Sure, he’s probably seen a mirror before, but this kitty hasn’t paid attention to who’s on the other side until now and it’s frightening. Read More »

Amazing work by Washington Lumberjack

Scott’s Tree Service in Randle, Washington, does not mess around when it comes to the act of cutting down trees without damaging property. Sure, you could probably do it yourself and save a little bit of money, but you can’t pull off this kind of wizardry. They go on to note on their facbook page that, This is not a ... Read More »

Dog carries shopping bags from car

Millie the bullmastiff dog helps out her owners by carrying in heavy shopping bags while her brothers watch. Her owner, Gail Mackie, from Kincardine in Scotland, clearly has one of the best dog pals ever when it comes to helping out around the house. Read More »