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Earth’s diversity… Women of the world

Two years ago 29-year-old Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc quit her job and started traveling the world to document natural women surrounded by their culture. Visit her Facebook page here. IRAN Read More »

Top female golfers in 2015

Through the eyes of men fans that is… These girls have super unbelievable skills, as well as what is obviously seen in these pictures Paula Creamer This fine golfer is 29 she became a professional in 2004 and since then has won 10 LPGA tour titles. She is also making big endorsement money through TaylorMade-Adidas she is one of the ... Read More »

Best things Covered with Chocolate

Lots of recipes call for melted chocolate. Chocolate contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that increases the body’s endorphins and natural antidepressants. Strawberries Sweet strawberries are always a fave when dipped in chocolate. An who says if it matters if they’re only for for Valentine’s Day or a summer picnic or at a fancy holiday party, feel free to enjoy them ... Read More »

Worlds Most Affordable Student Cities

7. Valencia – Spain The home of paella, Spain’s third-largest city is a new entry in the Best Student Cities index this year at 70th, and beats fellow Spanish cities Madrid and Barcelona when it comes to the most affordable cities. The average tuition fees at Valencia’s two internationally ranked universities are US$1,800 per year; significantly cheaper than Barcelona’s average of ... Read More »

French firefighter calendar for 2016

Fashion photographer Fred Goudon just published a 2016 charity calendar featuring French firefighters. The money raised will be given to the NGO charity Pompiers Sans Frontières, a French organization that provides humanitarian aid. Firefighters are known for having bodies that look like they were chiseled from stone and belong on display in The Louvre. [Link to order page] Read More »

Coolest gadgets to buy for this Christmas

Here we have a list gadgets to suit all types of situations whether you are On The Go, At Work or chilling out At Home! The Roost, a $35 9-Volt Wi-Fi battery for your smoke alarm, will notify your smartphone when your smoke detector is going off, it will let you silence your smoke alarm from an app, and it ... Read More »

6 Places Nature broke it’s coloring jars!

We’ve gathered for you here a tour of some of the brightest, and vivid places on the planet. 6. Valley of Flowers National Park, India From towns painted bright, vivid colors to rainbow-hued natural wonders, the world is full of incredible places that are so vibrant they look surreal. Read More »

Jobs in Syrian Refugee Camp

World famous wall painter/graffiti artist is at it again. “Banski” has tried to highlight the Syrian refuge crisis in this artwork showing Steve Jobs the former Apple founder and CEO carrying a Mac and bag with all his belongings on his Shoulder. Steve Jobs was born into a family were his father was a migrant from Syria. He has created ... Read More »

Best thing after sliced bread, sliced chocolate!

It’s pretty much universally agreed that chocolate spread is one of the best things on the planet, so when Japanese company Bourbon announced cheese-like chocolate slices everyone lost their minds (and rightly so).  The makers kindly demonstrated all the ways you can improve regular food by smothering it in a chocolate slice. Below you will see a lot of suggestion ... Read More »

World’s First Underwater Tennis Court

Investors in Dubai seem to want the biggest and first of everything including a tennis court under water. In 2005, the world’s highest tennis court was built atop the 1,000-foot-tall Burj al Arab Hotel. And now, the city may venture beneath the sea with the world’s first underwater tennis court. the Daily Mail asserts, refracting light and swimming fish may ... Read More »