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Excellent Buys in Modern Classic Cars

Are Modern Classic Sports Cars a Good Investment? It takes more than an inventive advertising campaign to qualify a modern classic sports car as a truly valuable classic car investment, one that will at some point provide a return to its owner above the price initially paid. Unfortunately the biggest factor seems to be luck, few recent supposed instant classics ... Read More »

A home that moves in Tehran

A creative young design group came up with this concept home. They tried to work with symmetrical shapes. At the push of a button elements in the room can be rotated, creating a different look for the home, as well as maximizing space and light. Sharifi-Ha house in Tehran is designed by Iranian architect group: Nextoffice, the house features three ... Read More »

Israeli air strike kills Hamas leader Wife and daughter

AN Israeli air strike on Gaza City has killed the wife and infant daughter of the elusive Hamas military chief Mohammed Deif, the Islamist group has claimed. Deif has been in hiding for years, surviving numerous Israeli assassination attempts. He last emerged in July urging militants not to give in, in an address on Al-Aqsa TV, the satellite station of ... Read More »

Talk to curb air pollution with ebikes in Iran

Tokyo-based Terra Motors, an electric vehicle (EV) startup that produces eco-friendly scooters and tuk-tuks, today announced that it has partnered with an Iranian distributor to bring its products to the West Asian market. The exclusive deal with Tehran’s Jahanro Industrial is for a period of five years and extends to Terra Motor’s flagship A4000i smartphone-connected scooter and unspecified new products ... Read More »

Iran Majlis starts impeaching science minister

PressTV reports, Faraji-Dana attended the Majlis open session on Wednesday to respond to the lawmakers’ questions. The session is attended by 217 lawmakers and chaired by Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani. The impeachment proceeding against Faraji-Dana was approved at a Majlis open session earlier this month with 51 signatories. The critics of Faraji-Dana believe that his policies run counter to the country’s interests ... Read More »

Rome and London fight over which is safer!

The mayor of Rome has launched a furious attack on the UK Government after it blacklisted the city because of the risk of pickpocketing and petty crime. The latest row will not surprise some of the millions of tourists who in recent years have swarmed around the Trevi fountain, packed into the Colosseum or gazed at the Sistine Chapel. In ... Read More »

A Nun part of a God’s Strength Prank

Nun carries a heavy box in a parking lot. Some nice strong men offer to help, but they can’t even lift it up the ground. Don’t mess around with this one – she’s got the strength of God in her! Read More »

This is what a $2 million pool looks like

Animal Planet reports on “The Mountain”, a $2 million pool in Springville, Utah, features five waterfalls, a lazy river around the perimeter, and even a full kitchen hidden behind its walls. Oh yeah, it’s also deep enough for scuba diving if the owner ever feels like it. Watch the video above for a tour. Read More »

Meet the Bike of the future

A team of designers in Seattle built a bike that could be your new best option for navigating busy city streets. They have created this innovative bike that was named winner of “The Bike Design Project”, a competition between five groups who were encouraged to build the “Ultimate Urban Utility Bike”. The bike will now go into production as an e-bike ... Read More »