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Realistic Baby Dolls Act as Surrogate Children for Families

With rosy cheeks, delicate eyelashes and a full head of hair, these hyper-realistic baby dolls are acting as surrogates for some families who are apprehensive of having more children. Maryam makes reborn baby dolls at home, as many couples choose not to have children, which faces declining fertility rates, according to official figures. Maryam makes reborn baby dolls at home, ... Read More »

Beautiful pictures of old Ahvaz

Ahvaz, city, capital of Khuzestan province. Ahvaz is situated on both banks of the Karun River where it crosses a low range of sandstone hills. The town has been identified with Achaemenid Tareiana, a river crossing on the royal road connecting Susa, Persepolis, and Pasargadae. Ardashīr I, the Sasanian king (224–241 ce) who rebuilt the town, named it Hormuzd Ardashir. Read More »

Two women in a male occupation

Women have made incredible progress in joining the workforce, fighting for equal pay, and rising to the top of their fields. But some career paths have more progress left to make than others. Read More »

Unbelievable $255,000 79 square foot London studio

A London studio has the internet in disbelief for its hefty £200,000 (about $255,000) price tag and tiny living space. The apartment got attention after Twitter user Richard Brooks shared it, prompting a thread about housing you can buy for the same price around the world. The minuscule studio is just 79 square feet and the shower, sink, stove, and ... Read More »


The joint ceremony of the women’s police force was held on the occasion of NAJA week on Monday, October 19th. According to Hamshahri Online, the ceremony was attended by Hossein Rahimi, the capital’s police chief, Hojjatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, the interim Friday prayer leader, and Anoushirvan Mohseni Bandapi, the governor, at the cities police headquarters. See some photos of police women ... Read More »

Scientifically Reasons Why Couples Eventually Start to Look Alike

If you’ve ever had the feeling that married couples tend to look alike, it’s not in your head. A new study published in the journal PLOS Genetics suggests that this is indeed the case — and that it’s because many pairs of spouses have the same ancestry. In other words, they were related even before they got hitched. Read More »

Typical daily life in a girls dormitory

The “dormitory” photo collection is the result of several years of “Maryam Nematollahi” photography and the reflection of the photographer’s wanderings in the hidden aspects of the life of the female students living in the dormitory. “Maryam Nematollahi” is a photographer living in Shiraz she was born in 1984. She completed her master’s degree in photography at the Faculty of ... Read More »

Places to visit when traveling to Abadan

Abadan is one of the port cities of the south of the country and the oil city of  Khuzestan province and is the most important city of this province after Ahvaz. This beautiful city, with its abundant natural areas and tourism, crowded and bustling markets, as well as many groves, hosts many domestic and foreign tourists and travelers every year. ... Read More »

Syrup drinks that you can prepare at home

Tarragon is one of the ever-present vegetables that many people do not like to eat; But by adding a little sugar and water, you can prepare a refreshing syrup called tarragon syrup, which will definitely satisfy many tastes. Tarragon belongs to the sunflower family and its origins go back to Central and North Asia, the Caucasus and the Far East; ... Read More »

Best of Regional Foods

As a country where if you choose to travel, you will be welcomed like a king. Many of our historical monuments are registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in addition to the most beautiful architecture of the world and includes spectacular scenery. This country is home to the most delicious food in the world. In this article, the best ... Read More »