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The list of the most polluted cities in the world

Kaboah – Zimbabwe        The extraction and melting of two zinc and lead metals from 1902 to 1994 has been widely used in this region. The river crossed the mine and the factory along with the dust polluted by the area, the plague of workers and residents of the area.  In many cases, the level of lead in children ... Read More »

The Most Wageable Superstars of the World

Dean Ambroz – $ 1.1 million per year Dean Ambrose is both a professional actress and professional wrestler, and his real name is Jonathan Good. Ambrose records the record for the longest-term United States Wrestling Wrestling Championship, which is about 351 days (two weeks less than a year). Read More »

These type of girls stay single longer

Girls who have become “males” for themselves! The number of such girls in the world is rising, and the interesting thing is that they do not even know their repulsion and are very proud of their “masculinity”. They regard other women as weak, inferior, subtle and dependent, and they are not at all willing to be looked at as women’s ... Read More »

Everyday items you can overdose on

Ice Tea A matter called naturally, there is black tea and other ingredients like spinach and rhubarb. Excess oxalization causes the kidneys to fail, and the average oxalate in the body of the man was 3 to 10 times that of the average. According to research, taking more than four cups of tea a day is dangerous. Read More »

Jaw Dropping Celebrity Private Jets & Yachts

John Travolta – Boeing 707, Estimated $4.5 Million The famous actor is a well-known aviation enthusiast. He holds a pilot’s license so it is not really a surprise that he has a small collection of aircraft in his private airport/home in Florida. His hobby has turned into an investment of more than $50 million as he owns 4 airplanes. Read More »

TV shows that never get old

Sports and people What year did you start? 1358  Continued on the antenna: 38 years   The beginning of the play: The popularity of sport in our country, as well as the lack of rivals, soon became the most popular television program “Sports and People”. The millionth viewer sat on the sunshine on Sunday night, hoping to see the game’s ... Read More »

Learn Youtube Millionaires!

Lilly Singh, Income: $ 10.5 million Lilie Singh produces comedy projects, music videos and other media, and shares it with his “IISuperwomanII” channel and 12.7 million Fallours on his YouTube channel. In addition, Singh also features a long movie called “Trip to Island Unicorn” For paid youtube service is rejected. Read More »

The Best Chain Hotels in the World

Marriott Hotels The Marriott International Hotel is a multinational resident company based in the United States located in Maryland. The hotel was founded by Willard Marriott and is currently being directed by his son. Read More »

Pictures of the strange situation of North Korea

Marijuana is legal in North Korea Consuming and buying marijuana in this country is completely free and you do not need to worry about prosecution. It is not clear, of course, that there are any laws against marijuana, or there are laws that are not enforced. It is also not clear that the same rules apply to North Korean tourists ... Read More »