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Kermanshah / Garbage cannons of citizens

The Abshooran River Kermanshah, which originates from the southern city of Qanbar, flows through the various parts of the Ghareh Souz river. The river has become a waste disposal site along the way. Read More »

Exotic fruits

Dragon Fruit Dragonfruit, Dragon Fruit or Cactus Fruits are the names intended for this product, the fruit of which comes in several types of cactus. A fruit that grows to the Americas and Southeast Asia. Read More »

The world’s largest aquariums

Western Australia Aquarium (0.8 million gallons) The Australian Aquarium located on the outskirts of Perth, Australia, has the largest aquarium in Australia. The main tributary of the aquarium is 40 meters high and 20 meters wide and has 3 million liters (793 thousand gallons) of seawater. Read More »

Common Mistakes People Make When on a Diet

Do not read tags Nowadays, many of the nutrients are on the packaging to be useful and healthy, and they deceive you to believe they are really good for you. But if you check the nutritional value table, you see that most of these claims are false. They also have a lot of sugar that hides it behind words like ... Read More »

From biking to the changing Saudi women

However, despite the significant advances made in recent years in the field of women’s social rights in Saudi Arabia, there is still a long and difficult way of achieving social equality between women and men in the Saudi patriarchal society. Read More »

The most expensive fluid on earth

Liquid paper, every gallon of 150 dollars Liquid paper is a type of correction that helps to correct your writing mistakes. You can use this tool to create unique textures, add luminosity to it, and use handmade projects. Its ingredients (solvent naphtha, mineral alcohol, dispersal and perfume) make it very expensive. Read More »

Coffee school, Train to become a barista

In our culture, coffee has always been considered as a luxury item, and those who have learned coffee are known as certain people. But in recent years, with the development of coffee knowledge, this deliciously graceful seed has opened its place among the general public, so that in most houses, coffee is preferable to tea. Read More »

Brands that have the most counterfeit products on the market

Cartier Cartier is one of the most famous brands in the world who designs, produces, distributes and sells jewelery and watches in Paris. But since buying branded products costs a lot, many companies have been manufacturing counterfeit products. Read More »

The world’s least valuable currencies

Rial Cambodia Each US dollar is worth 4,887 Rials in Cambodia. For years, buying and selling in the markets of the country is in dollars, and ATMs in this country instead of the rial, dollars give customers. Since the Central Bank of Cambodia has been stopping the coinage process for many years, it’s almost impossible to find Cambodian rial notes ... Read More »

Egyptian reader concert in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The first mixed concert was held at the economic site of King Abdullah in the province of Jeddah, where Saudi officials consider singing and instrumental music to be forbidden. Read More »