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Negative consequences of long-term use of headphones

As our society and culture become more connected through technology, the use of headphones has increased. Headphones allow people to enjoy music and have conversations from anywhere at any time. The ease of headphone use and the mobility that they afford cannot be overstated. Read More »

Actress and Singer Deenamic

Opera singers are classically trained vocal professionals who have mastered the art of acting and stage presence. On stage, the opera performer must sing over a full orchestra which is a highly-specialized skill involving an understanding of fundamental frequencies and their acoustic powers; elevated harmonics and resonance tuning. Read More »

Celebrities at Christmas

Christmas will look a little different this year, just like everything else during the coronavirus epidemic. For many families, Thanksgiving was a smaller event than usual, with families staying at home to avoid spreading the virus. Read More »

Coffe Yar

The idea of doctoring up one’s coffee with cream and sweeteners came into fashion in Europe around 1529. This was also when the first coffee house in Europe was established. Read More »

Ivanka Trump at the last White House Christmas

The businesswoman and former fashion model was pictured standing beside her husband, Jared Kushner, and their three children – nine-year-old Arabella, seven-year-old Joseph, 7, four-year-old Theodore. Read More »

Actress Goli Zangeneh

In recent years, post-revolutionary cinema has been praised in many international forums. What has attracted international audiences to this national cinema is its distinct style, themes, authors, idea of nationhood, and manifestation of culture. Read More »

Gita Old Singer

When a global pop star hits the road — as a conclave of elder rockers will do on October 7 at the Desert Trip festival in Indio, California, a.k.a. Oldchella — truckloads of cables, computers, instruments, lights, and audio gear follow along. Read More »

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch as it remains on sale for £24 MILLION

Michael Jackson superfans could become the proud new owners of his extravagant California home Neverland Ranch – if they have a spare £24 million. The sprawling retreat is on the market for a whopping $31 million exactly 10 years after the King of Pop’s death. Read More »

Faouzia Moroccan-Canadian singer

Faouzia was born in Casablanca, Morocco on July 5, 2000. At the age of five, she moved with her family to Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba. And, after that, they settled in Carman, Manitoba. She gained a lot of attention for winning a lot of competitions, awards for her sensational songs and vocal prowess at such a young age. From ... Read More »

Mahin Oskooi theater actress

Mahin Oskouei (1929 – January 2006) was a theater director and instructor and pioneering female theater arts figure.Born in Tehran, she was first female theater director and first woman to appear on stage. She studied in Russia alongside Jerzy Grotowski, and her career included all aspects of Iranian theater, including writing plays and translating major plays by such writers as ... Read More »