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Roberto Cavalli Opens 1st Boutique in the Capital

This is the first ever location of the Roberto Cavalli brand in the country. Some of Foreign well known western name brands are starting to test the current semi “openness” in the country post to the lifting of the sanctions. Read More »

Start of Travel and Tourism Show and Conference

The ninth annual Travel and Tourism conference and show opened it’s doors to the public with State ministor on hand. There were also representative from UNESCO, Greece and Russia. With the Oil revenues falling other forms of income is becoming more and more important for the country. The officials form the current “more moderate” government are trying to promote travel ... Read More »

Qasr Prison in Pictures

The Guardian UK just did a piece on the historic Qasr Prison with many photos. It mentions how the site now turned in to a museum now has former prisoners working at guides taking visitors through different part of the now refurbished building. There are also recreation parts to the structure as well as a traditional tea house, Guardian goes ... Read More »

Artist with the most Expensive Paintings

There are many wealthy people in the world ready to bid on an expensive art piece. From sculptures to paintings. In today’s post we will be looking at some of the most expensive paintings ever sold. Just take this into account the paintings in the list are not necessarily the most expensive painting in the world, this is because in ... Read More »

Satya Nadella selling his house for $3.5 million

Mr Nadella who took over Steve Balmer as the new CEO of Microsoft bought the home 20 years ago. The home was built in 1963. It’s 4,050 square ft the property sits on around half an acre of land and is listed for $3.5 mil. Its located in the city of Clyde Hill state of Washington. You are looking at ... Read More »

Classic concert in Historical Bathhouse

Vakil Bathouse is located in Shiraz. It is listed as one of the “national treasures” of the country. This past Sunday the Leipzig String Quartet from Germany performed a classical concert in this historical location.  Leipzig is best known for its its mastery of their string instruments delivering a performance with emotions combining classics with modern music. Read More »

Progressive Mosque in Denmark headed by a woman

Sherin Khankan, has setup Copenhagen’s first women-led mosque, she is naming it the “feminist project.” Shrin’s father is Syrianand mother is a Finnish, she is looking to be a leader of Islam’s new look for her countrywomen, In the past she has said that she has felt like “a stranger” in her own country not fitting in any of the ... Read More »

The masked women of Qeshm

French photographer  Eric Lafforgue recently traveled to the Persian Gulf and the island of Qeshm. Were she came across Mustache shaped masks designed centuries ago to fool invaders, so “they would mistake women for male soldiers” reports the British paper “The daily Mail”.  Then there are also different kinds of masks that cover the eyes and covered with embroidery. Below ... Read More »

Mascot in Doll Costume is Arrested

This man was arrested in for wearing a cartoon costume of a woman showing hair and skin. The country’s morality police does not allow women dressed this way in the public but the facts that a Doll Costume was arrested by police has become a social media sensation with both local and overseas posters. The man was accused of not ... Read More »

Barbie gets a new makeover

The US based doll maker is in the news again, last month new dolls were introduced with different sized, a move away the ultra thin un-human figures. This week we are seeing another makeover. But hold on these are not official barby dolls this time  a  Nigerian medical scientist was noticed on Instagram after she startted posting images of a ... Read More »