Things you will regret doing

Stay at home   Are you also one of the people who spend a lot of time at home? Do you prefer watching television at home to go to the cinema, surf the nature or the concert. Do you know that by doing this you deprive yourself of being familiar with other people or learning new things and unique experiences? ... Read More »

Famous Iranian celebrities who have a cafe

Cafe Javad Razvian Seyed Jawad Razvian was born in Qom, Qom’s father and mother of Yazdi. He accidentally entered acting. In the first year of his university he was a colleague with Mehran Ghafourian and Amir Ghaffaramanesh and Bijan Banafashkhah. And they have entered the field with their help. Javad Razvian has been active in the field since 1994. In ... Read More »

13 Interesting and incredible facts about Dubai that the world does not understand

Dangerous and weird animals instead of pet In Dubai, it’s customary for wealthy people to be proud of their social status and wealth in all areas of society. They usually have images of personal jets, expensive sports cars and luxury homes in their social media. Read More »

Security Systems Exhibitors Press Exhibition!

At the end of the exhibition hours, exhibitors are blocking exhibitors with various objects such as glues, chairs, yarns, fabrics and paperboards to prevent the entry of miscellaneous people. Read More »

Famous Iranian celebrities who have a restaurant

Fast food Namberten Alireza Mansourian One of Alireza Mansourian’s most famous football clubs, Mansourian chain restaurants with nobody (No.10) Mansourian with two branches in Mission and West Town in the fast food and fast food market, with prominent brands in this arena. Read More »

10 beautiful cities with colorful houses

Nyhavn This quiet and quiet Copenhagen neighborhood in Denmark is a popular area for both locals and tourists. Many cafes and restaurants have made it an ideal place to relax. Be sure to visit Building 9, the oldest Copenhagen building built in 1681. Danish writer Hans Christian Anderson lived for many years in building No. 18. Read More »

Vegetables that can be fatal

Zucchini Home gardeners who produce this popular plant often divide their extra product between friends and family. In 2015, a German couple got some home-made green home-grown homemade from their neighbors. They prepared zucchini for dinner, but their food eventually had a bitter taste. The couple felt sick at that night and suffered severe digestive symptoms. They went to the ... Read More »

8 successful entrepreneurs who did not graduate from the university

Steve Jobs There may be few people in the world who are not familiar with the story of Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple. While Jobs graduated from HomeState High School in 1972, he graduated from Reed College, while his parents could hardly afford the cost of college education. Read More »

Strange and annoying facts about your favorite snacks

Curranchi confuses your mind The orange fingers have little charge you pay for these cheese snacks. Classic Cranchi has existed since 70 years ago. But this cheese cake is still one of the most popular foods. When the food is rapidly flushed in your mouth, it deceives the brain without consuming any calories. Read More »

What are the superstitions of famous people?

Cameron Diaz loves his lucky sign Cameron Diabez uses a necklace to prevent aging, which is a sign of his luck, but this famous actor is not as superstitious as you think. In an interview, he tried to mumble this rumor. She said: “I was sticking to a full day (stick is used to attract luck), but on Friday 13th ... Read More »