Best Places to Hide Valuables in Your House

Chips Box These boxes have a sturdy cylindrical chamber that you can safely place your banknotes inside and cover everything on it with a few chips to look natural. Read More »

“Ramana” by Iranian Angelina Jolie!

There are many people whose faces are like these famous people, and with just a little change in appearance and kind of cover, they completely look like a well-known figure. An Iranian girl named Ramana in Canada lives on a face that looks like Angelina Jolie and has attracted media attention. Read More »

Singer changes the way she dresses

Amal Hijazi’s decision to retire and start a new life as a devout Muslim surprised millions of fans earlier this year. Hijazi released her first record in 2001 and made her breakthrough a year later with her second album. Read More »

Foods you should never eat past their expiration date

Fish Just like with ground beef, never play Russian roulette with fish. Once you’ve reached the expiration date, you’ll need to eat it or throw it away. Otherwise, you will be multiplying your chances of getting listeriosis, a disease that causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Read More »

You are not bored at these airports

Munich Airport, Germany Munich has one of the best VIP terminals in the world, but you do not have to be a classy traveler to love this airport. The incredible variety of restaurants and cafes is incredible. This airport also special supplies for special events; in recent years, Christmas celebrations at the Munich Airport have included two icefields and 450 ... Read More »

The Best Theame Park Roller Coasters

Disneyland, California, USA The newest Disneyland ride (launched at the beginning of the summer) has been embraced by unparalleled enthusiasm. This is a fall ride that is also torn down. Spectacular effects and distorted music enable swordschers to experience six different ways. Entertainment begins at the beginning of the queue. Read More »

The infamous that reached the century mark in age

Seyed Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh Seyyed Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh is a contemporary Persian writer and translator who considers him the father of Iran’s short story. He was born in 1270, and was the first Iranian short story entitled “One, No One” published in 1300 solar year and published in Berlin Made Jamalzadeh has lived for more than 100 years and died ... Read More »

Spending your holiday vacation in Darakeh

The “Dareh” mountain range and location is located in the northwest of  the capital and is one of the popular hiking trails in the capital. This place is one of the most important and old resorts in the city, and the pleasantly lush mountains are easily accessible at the foot of the high mountains of Alborz. Read More »

The world’s most dangerous skiing tracks

Corbet’s Couloir, Wyoming Specifications such as a 3185-meter high and two-ridge rating (a very steep slope, suitable for professional skiers) are enough to make the route “America’s most horrific ski route.” This track is on the list of wishes of a large number of professional skiers who like to experience this route, but just looking at it is enough to ... Read More »

The strangest hotel in the world

Iceland has one of the strangest hotels in the world, a hotel that is not like any other hotel. Everybody wants a roomy hotel to have a beautiful view. Now hotels in Scalaollet, Iceland, may not be similar to other hotels, but they certainly meet these. Read More »