Kate Middleton Rocks Fiery Red

Kate Middleton let hair down this afternoon as she chatted to Korean politicians alongside Prince William at Buckingham Palace. The Princess of Wales, 41,  slipped off her £3,000 caped red coat from Catherine Walker to show off another coat from the same designer as she joined Prince William, King Charles and Queen Camilla to meet the president and First Lady of ... Read More »

Omid a Successful example of a second generation raised overseas

It is a well known fact that immigrants trying to start over in a new country face many obstacles. However, the many challenges faced by children born to immigrant parents are rarely discussed in the public sphere or in academic circles. In particular, second-generation immigrants struggle with unique difficulties like cultural dissonance, feelings of isolation, and identity crises. In this ... Read More »

Khanlari’s plan for Sepah Danesh

Parviz Natel Khanlari was born in March 1292. His grandfather, Mirza Ahmad Mazandarani, had a civil service in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was nicknamed “Khanlar Khan” and “Itsam al-Molk”. After studying in Saint Louis schools, American schools, and Tharwat schools, he went to Dar al-Funun and studied literature at the suggestion of Professor Badiul Zaman Farozanfar. He received ... Read More »

Former goalkeeper in birthday party

Being a goalkeeper is a very special job, and it’s certainly not for everyone. The sense of isolation, solitude, individual responsibility, and sheer physicality inherent to being a soccer goalkeeper makes this a pretty unique position. But there’s an art to it. A huge range of different skills and attributes are needed to become a good goalkeeper. Some may come ... Read More »

Tourist in Istanbul

Istanbul that is historically known as Constantinople and Byzantium, is the most popular city in Türkiye and the country’s economic, cultural and historic center. This is one of the greatest cities in the world where you can see a modern western city combined with a traditional eastern city. Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles two continents: ... Read More »

The best Armenian sandwiches

For decades, Armenian immigrant food in Los Angeles was the hospitable shop skewering varieties of kebab, charring lahmadjoon in a brick oven or slicing shawarma onto pita bread, sumac and roasted garlic puncturing the air, streaming from the vertical rotisserie out to the sidewalks.When a genocide and political turmoils forced millions of Armenians out of their homeland, their culinary heritage ... Read More »

Funeral ceremony of Akbar Golpaigani

A singer uses their voice to create music and convey emotions through lyrics and melody. Singers can specialize in various genres, such as pop, rock, country, jazz, opera, and classical music. Singers are essential components of musical ensembles, such as bands, choirs, and orchestras, or they can perform solo on stage or in a recording studio. Singers need to have ... Read More »

Googoosh partner’s 40th birthday

People often use the terms and roles of partners and principles interchangeably, but they both have their own roles within a company. In most hierarchies, one actually holds more power within a company than the other. In this article, we discuss what partners and principals are, list and explain some of their major differences and provide answers to some of ... Read More »

The sad house of the famous artist

Akbar Golpa died on Saturday, November 13 at the age of 90 due to illness. In the peak years of his career, he was nicknamed the “golden larynx man”. Akbar Golpaygani learned the art of singing as a teenager from masters such as Noor Ali Khan Broumand, Abolhassan Saba, Hossein Taherzadeh, Abdullah Davami, Ismail Mehrtash, and Adib Khansari and entered ... Read More »

Rita, Israeli singer

Rita Jehan-Forouz is Persian Jewish family. Her family immigrated to Israel in 1970 and lived in a suburb outside of Tel Aviv. She began singing professionally as a band member while in the Israeli Army during the 1980s, and rose to stardom quickly. Rita was married to singer, composer, and keyboardist Rami Kleinstein, with whom she has two daughters, Meshi ... Read More »