Illustrator Adds Funny Cartoons to Stranger’s Instagram

London-based, Brazilian-born illustrator Lucas Levitan has a humorous ongoing project. He’s been grabbing stranger’s images off Instagram and adding his own characters with funny and awkward results. His additions often transform rather benign photographs into something altogether ridiculous and unexpected. When he isn’t remixing Instagram, Levitan can be found using his talents as an art director, photographer, puppeteer, and film-maker. ... Read More »

A pictorial of none related twins

Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle has come up with what is arguably one of the most interesting photo projects in a long, long time. The Québec-based photographer finds people who are real-life doppelgangers. A doppelganger is someone who bears a strikingly close (or identical) resemblance to another living person. That might not sound like much until you also add in the fact that the ... Read More »

Armored Truck Spills Millions in Hong Kong

Christmas came early for some Hong Kongers on Wednesday afternoon, when a security van spilled 35 million Hong Kong dollars, or more than $4.5 million, in cash on a major highway. The BBC estimates the value of the spilled cash could be as high as $4.5 after several containers of cash fell out of the back of the armored vehicle ... Read More »

Aerial shots of cities from around the world

Even if you’re a frequent flyer, it’s doubtful that you’ve gotten to really enjoy a true bird’s eye view of a city or famous landmark. Most commercial planes tend to fly too high to get a real appreciation for anything, especially if it’s a cloudy day. Plus, thanks to flight routing and aisle seats, you may not have the best ... Read More »

2014 Most Fascinating Person of the Year

Amal Clooney, the human rights lawyer who married George Clooney earlier this year, was tapped as Barbara Walter’s most fascinating person of the year. Walters made the announcement on Sunday night, noting, “How do I introduce her? I guess the question is, ‘What does it take to fascinate one of the most fascinating men in the world?’ She is known ... Read More »

Italian Singer Pino Dies While Performing Live

One of Italy’s biggest singing stars in the 1980s has died aged 60. Giuseppe “Pino” Mango was taken to hospital after collapsing on stage while performing one of his most famous songs. Euro news reports he had just struck the opening bars of his hit song “Oro” when he raised an arm and said “excuse me” to the crowd before ... Read More »

Jetpack-powered daredevil rockets over Dubai

Once again, science is making a new leap. Veres Zoltan takes it to the skies of the Dubai desert with a newly designed jetpack. Of course, in order to get this thing going, it needs to come from a helicopter, a bit like skydiving. Yves “Jetman” Rossy, an ex Swiss fighter pilot, flew the plane that Veres accompanied for his ... Read More »

Top photos for 2014

Scroll down to see our picks for 2014. From a freaky accident in China to Twins being born hand in hand. This year had it’s moments for one of a kind imagery that is sure to stay in our memories. See the pictorial for the year below: Read More »

Dogs find care at a rare shelter

Man’s best friend is seen as anything but in Iran, where city workers gun down strays and conservatives view pet dogs as a corrupting Western influence. But in a rare animal shelter in the countryside west of Tehran, hundreds of lucky pups have found mercy, and a growing number of Iranians are learning to love them. [Full Story] Read More »

Play Pong at the Stoplight!

Do you dislike waiting a long time before the traffic light turns green? Well in Germany they found a solution of some kind.. Street Pong! Sandro Engel and Holger Michel are interaction design students at HAWK University, a college in Hildesheim, Germany. They wanted to discourage people from running across busy streets. So they found a way to make waiting ... Read More »