Religions that wear head coverings

Kipa In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the “Kipa”, which in Hebrew means hat or cap, became prevalent among Jews of Europe as a symbol of religious faith. According to the “Hellaha”, young men should be wearing religious prayers. Read More »

18 cases of royal marriages with ordinary people

Grace Kelly, Princess Monaco Grace Kelly worked as an actress since 1950, but in 1956 Prince Monaco abandoned the act of marrying Rinire III. They met during a photo shoot at the Cannes Film Festival in 1955. The couple had three children. Read More »

Body Parts That Reveal Your Age First

Hands Hands, especially in women, are one of the first organs in the body that show signs of aging. Changes in hormone cause loss of elasticity of the skin. These changes make the skin look wrinkled and the veins are highlighted. Read More »

The most bizarre and coolest festivals in the world

Thaipusam, Piercing Festival The most extreme and craziest festival ever seen is held every year in winter in Malaysia and Singapore. The Hindus pierce their entire body and pour sharp hooks into their waist. They then walk 10 hours with the weights they attach to their bodies. Read More »

Turning Saddam Hussein’s Recreational Yacht into a Seamen Hotel

In the great recreational boat that once belonged to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, his large bed was arranged, the silk curtains surrounding it disappeared, in a bathroom that was lying next to the bedroom and its tools were golden, a barber chair waiting Next person. Read More »

7 less known places in northern for travel

The Pasand Foggy Jungle The beautiful Pasand Village and the beautiful Pasad Rose area just after three kilometers eastward on the right side of the highway along the Pasand River with a big panel. The pristine and unspoilt forest, which is visited annually by large groups of massive forests. Read More »

The strange sporting tournament held in the world

Cheese Rolling How to play: At the annual Cooper’s Hill Cheese – Rolling and Wake event shown above, contestants gather on the top of a very steep hill as an approximately 8 lb hunk of cheese is thrown down the hill.The first to chase down the cheese then wins the title and the cheese.The cheese supposedly can travel up to ... Read More »

gold plate foods

Burger: burger at The Roadery, named “Burg-Khalifa” comes with five beef patties, seared truffle cheese, saffron mayonnaise, and blackberry ketchup, all topped off with an edible 24-carat gold-leaf bun, the price $82. Read More »

9 Famous and Successful YouTube Songs

PrankvsPrank Subscriber : 10 million Jesse Mewalnz and Jenna Smith are the married couple who launched an interesting and innovative idea in 2007 that brought together fun and sometimes dangerous jokes, and then made videos that were made on YouTube on YouTube. They put it. Read More »