10 things that wealthy wealthy people spend money on

Space Travel Ticket Space tourism is space travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. There are several different types of space tourism, including orbital, suborbital and lunar space tourism. To date, orbital space tourism has been performed only by the Russian Space Agency.  Read More »

Countries of the world with the most multi millionaires

Minting a million-dollar fortune isn’t the remarkable feat it used to be. It remains a marker of immense wealth, but the club is growing ever more crowded, with nearly 33 million people across the globe now laying claim to fortunes in excess of $1 million Read More »

Different ways to hold hands and what they mean

Mildly interwoven fingers: Respect Your relationship is emotionally stable and you trust your partner. You show others that you are in relationship and at the same time keep enough privacy and respect each other’s emotions and personality. Read More »

Just out, Chinese winter scooter accessory

Here in the northern hemisphere, winter is upon us. For those whose main transportation is a scooter, it’s an especially hard time of year. Having all that wind rushing by your body is cold, cold, COLD! Even a scooter with a windshield offers little protection, and wearing heavy-duty protective clothing is a real pain. Read More »

2018 EyeEm Awards Finalists

As the world’s largest photography competition, the EyeEm Awards receives hundreds of thousands of submissions from talented creatives across the globe. Here we present the 2018 EyeEm Awards finalists, which received over 700,000 submissions from more than 100,000 photographers worldwide. Read More »

From cow urine to frog ashes multi-treatments to prevent hair loss

Cow’s Urine Not many could savour the idea of drinking a glass of the yellow stuff, but some men in Agra, India, believe it can help beat their baldness. Hindu followers from the Agra Gaushala Foundation drink freshly-squeezed urine from virgin cows, claiming it contains miraculous powers. But it’s not hair loss that it can fix, believers also reckon it ... Read More »

The best cuisine from the chef’s look

Fesenjoon Stew Louisa Shafia is an American chef and owner of a restaurant in Manhattan, New York. He recently published a book titled The New Kitchen, a kitchen that described a range of foods with their recipes and cookies. First of all, look at the definition of food tourism. Read More »

Signs of zinc deficiency in the body

Latent or slow growth Zinc is a chemical element with symbol Zn and atomic number 30. It is the first element in group 12 of the periodic table. In some respects zinc is chemically similar to magnesium: both elements exhibit only one normal oxidation state (+2), and the Zn2+ and Mg2+ ions are of similar size.  Read More »

Fazeli Winery in Temacula

Owner Bizhan “BJ” Fazeli fulfilled a life-long passion in the acquisition and development of his Temecula vineyards/winery. Since its first vintage in 2006, Fazeli Cellars today boasts more than 20 varietals of boutique wines from Cabernet Sauvignon to Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Sirah to Mourvedre, and Viogner to Chardonnay that have earned numerous prestigious festival competition awards – and the loyalty ... Read More »

Fashion Designer Anniesa Hasibuan

Anniesa Hasibuan (born 1986) is an Indonesian fashion designer. Born in Jakarta, she opened her first boutique in Kemang in early 2015. She made her fashion debut in London in March 2015, and has travelled to Europe and the United States to showcase her work. Read More »