Voluntary school openings

The school week looks vastly different, with most students attending school two or three days a week and doing the rest of their learning at home. At school, desks are spaced apart to discourage touching. Some classrooms extend into unused gymnasiums, libraries or art rooms – left vacant while schools put on hold activities that cram lots of children together. Read More »

Dutch restaurant introduces greenhouse for diners

The dining concept, which is called Serres Sépparées, or separate greenhouses, came about because the restaurant has limited space, but still wanted to welcome diners to “create a safe and intimate home for partners to reconnect, with the outside world at their own leisure. Servers will also deliver the food from an appropriate 6-foot distance though the door of the ... Read More »

Female actors that turned to modeling

Hadis Fouladvand When you look at people who’ve achieved stunning success in their fields, it’s difficult to imagine that they weren’t always hurtling down those paths. But each of these five famous figures started off doing something else. Hadis Fouladvand Read More »

Yekta Nasser’s new face after cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity, with 15.1 million cosmetic procedures carried out in the United States in 2013, an increase of 3 percent on the previous year. Procedures are available for almost any part of the body, but the choice to undergo cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly. Read More »

5 ways to turn your child into a creative genius

Be creative when you’re around your child. A recent study from our lab found that highly creative parents have highly creative one-year-olds. Previous research has found that this relationship holds even when kids reach adolescence. You may wonder if these relationships exist because of genetics – research has after all linked specific genes to creativity. But twin studies have found ... Read More »

Najaf police assist with a wedding ceremony

An Iraqi student and his fiancee enlisted the help of the police to rescue their wedding after it was nearly cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Ahmed Khaled al-Kaabi, 23, had been engaged to Ruqaya Rahim since last year. The couple were planning to hold a big celebration with family and friends in the holy southern city of Najaf. Read More »

Modeling Maria Zola football player’s wife

Maria Zulay Salaues Antelo is a Bolivian model who resides in the United States. Salaues received international recognition in 2018 when she started dating Paul Pogba, the Manchester United footballer. Read More »

6 illustrations to teach children about coronavirus

Millions of children around the world are isolated at home with their families without going to school due to the coronavirus pandemic.For these children, as for adults, it is an exceptional situation that, depending on their age, may be difficult for them to understand. From the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) they recommend talking to children about the coronavirus “in ... Read More »

Funeral of an old man with his favorite car!

An old mandala literally took the phrase “ride or die” to the next level after he made a death wish to be buried with his car, literally. It was apparently the deceased’s final wish to take his ride with him to the next life. The old man was buried in his car as per wish. Read More »

Family of 4 living in 300-square-foot tent reveal self-sufficient

Zac and Katie Ruiz have been living in a 300-square-foot tent since 2017. The couple was living in a small apartment in California, and they were unhappy. Katie Ruiz inherited an acre of land in New Mexico, and Zac told Insider in 2019 that they wanted to move onto it so they could “break the cycle” of just working to ... Read More »