Golshifteh Farahani plays in the series Invasion

Farahani, who is refreshingly candid and freewheeling in conversation, spoke earlier this month from Spain, where she was on vacation with her parents (whom she had just flown in from Iran). After that break, she planned to return to balancing art and bullets, filming an Arnaud Desplechin film with Marion Cotillard followed by a sequel to “Extraction.” These are edited excerpts from the conversation. I was really proud of the way they are internalizing the story in Aneesha. I have a weakness when it comes to independent cinema: Whenever there is a small drama, I’m really drawn to it. And our story was a bit like that. I’m really proud of this project because it’s not just a blockbuster — there’s something more going on. It was the most extraordinary experience of my whole life, this series.