Martial arts show of “Commanders Daughters”

Girls from different areas of the Capital Basij, on  Saturday, the eve of the second anniversary of death of the commander, gathered in the 12,000-seat freedom Hall in the capital city.  Displaying martial arts etiquette is considered one of the highest levels of practice in the arts. The martial arts instructor who teaches etiquette in his/her classes is a special ... Read More »

Shocking images of helpless people sleeping in buses

ISNA news agency has published pictures of people sleeping in buses at the capital. The report claims the nightly cost of sleeping in the bus is 25,000 Tomans and you are allowed to stay on the bus from just after midnight till five in the morning. When was the last time you gave thanks for your bed? For homeless people, ... Read More »

Street fashions, taking chances

 We often come across the term “street style” nowadays. It became quite popular in the past few years, but what does it really mean and when did it become a thing? Suburbanization, mass marketing, the franchising of restaurant and retail chains, the spread of television and not to mention, social media, may have increased the appeal of “alternative” lifestyles for ... Read More »

TV presenter birthday

Radio and television presenters entertain and inform programme audiences on national and regional stations, and satellite and cable channels. They act as the public face (or voice) on various types of programmes, including sports-based, current affairs and entertainment shows. They are also the centre point for programmes, responsible for keeping it flowing at the appropriate pace, introducing and interviewing guests, ... Read More »

Actress opens stylish restaurant

Architects are among the first people you should contact, possibly even before you sign the papers on the land or building you are buying or leasing. A restaurant architect can assess what you’re considering and help you get there or let you know why another way may be better. If you’ll renovate an existing building, the architect can evaluate it ... Read More »

Fay Asghari Business Owner at BeYou Med Spa

I have been treating patients and their skin concerns for years, and it’s quite extraordinary to see how every person’s face and neck anatomy vastly differs! There is no-one-size-fits all solution. I develop treatment plans specifically catered to my patients’ individual needs and concerns, established during a thorough consultation, typically lasting one to two hours. I believe cosmetic injection is ... Read More »

No one wants to buy his ranch

Financier Jeffrey Epstein, 66, died by suicide on August 10 while being held at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. Epstein was arrested on July 6 in New York City on suspicion of sex trafficking underage girls in the early 2000s. As a businessman and criminal, Epstein has a long documented history. After attending Lafayette High School in Brooklyn, Epstein dropped out ... Read More »

Arian Bahari married a fashion blogger

Fashion blogger is a person who writes articles about fashion and style in his/her blog, publishes photos of outfits, videos of fashion shows. Fashion blogger is a kind of mix of a stylist, journalist and a model. It is important to say that no one orders and tells a fashion blogger, when what and how to write. This is a ... Read More »

Banana Island

Overwater villas, golden sands and beautiful turquoise water don’t necessarily come to mind when envisioning a vacation in Doha. But just off the coast of the Qatari capital lies a top destination that offers all of that and more. The crescent-shaped Banana Island has become a top destination for luxury-seeking vacationers since opening in 2015. Operated by Thailand-based Anantara, the ... Read More »

Inauguration of the Plasco building

On January 19th, 2017, the Plasco building, a 17-story steel high-rise, caught fire. The blaze began on one of the building’s upper floors and then spread quickly through the tower’s sprinkler-less garment workshops. As the Tehran fire department battled the nearly unreachable fire, the steel skyscraper collapsed in full view of  state television cameras. Sixteen firefighters and at least six ... Read More »