Who was Delkash the musical genius

Delkash has also participated in several movies, including Sharmsar, Madar (along with Qamarul-Maluk Vaziri), Fasungar, and Dasise. Three or four years ago, on a trip to different European cities, by reciting his previous songs, Delkash once again aroused the admiration of foreign audiences. On his last trip to London, BBC Farsi provided a collection of her memoirs and autobiography in her own voice. Shahrukh Golestan was in charge of the discussion, organization, and production of this collection, which is called “Song of Memories.” The first charming performance on the radio was in 1323, and from the first time her voice was broadcast from the “Bisim Pahlavi” transmitter in the Seyyed Khandan intersection of Tehran, she attracted everyone’s attention.