Don’t do this in your marriage

Well it’s hard to find a unhappy face in what is know as the worlds happiest place. We are talking about Jordan Alexander she was so looking forward to riding Disney Lands Splash Mountain with her husband. She went on the say after the event that:  “Splash Mountain is my favorite ride… and he promised me he would go,” But ... Read More »

Selling merchandise on commuter trains

You are not just limited to listening to talented street performers when traveling by metro or underground trains. For years there have also been people trying to make a living by selling anywhere fr0m drinks to clothing and beauty supplies. With cost of living in the capital going higher and higher each year and the single salaries the working class ... Read More »

3 of Our modern era literary women in San Francisco Mural

Two local artists where features in San Francisco’s Clarion Alley project. The artists are Ck-1  Shaghayegh Cyrous.  Same artist had done a similar project in the same are two years ago. The artwork Mural done by S. Cyrous was in memory of three well known and loved modern era literates of the country. Forough Farrokhzad, poet Simin Behbahani, and author Simin ... Read More »

Incredible Mosque Ceilings

With hope of improved economic and business situation as well as more tourists entering the country. It is a good time to take a look at what the travelers to the country have to look forward to seeing. A local photographer has posted these beautiful architectural photos of mosque ceilings in his Instagram page. Many of the pictures were taken ... Read More »

Woman Uses Hijab to recreate Disney Characters

Recently we did a story about Barbie “getting a new makeover” on the heels of that Buzzfeed had a post yesterday, about a girl on Instagram using her hijab to turn herself into Disney Character lookalikes. She posts this images on her Instagram page: @queenofluna Click here to see more at her Instagram page Read More »

Classic concert in Historical Bathhouse

Vakil Bathouse is located in Shiraz. It is listed as one of the “national treasures” of the country. This past Sunday the Leipzig String Quartet from Germany performed a classical concert in this historical location.  Leipzig is best known for its its mastery of their string instruments delivering a performance with emotions combining classics with modern music. Read More »

Mascot in Doll Costume is Arrested

This man was arrested in for wearing a cartoon costume of a woman showing hair and skin. The country’s morality police does not allow women dressed this way in the public but the facts that a Doll Costume was arrested by police has become a social media sensation with both local and overseas posters. The man was accused of not ... Read More »

Barbie gets a new makeover

The US based doll maker is in the news again, last month new dolls were introduced with different sized, a move away the ultra thin un-human figures. This week we are seeing another makeover. But hold on these are not official barby dolls this time  a  Nigerian medical scientist was noticed on Instagram after she startted posting images of a ... Read More »

Incredible 12 year old Self Taught Dancer

This young dancer is called Adilyn Malcolm, she moves to electronic dance music called dubstep.  Her style of dancing was born form the popular dances of the ‘20s and ‘30s like the “jitterbug” or the “Lindy hop.” It has been said that many modern forms of street dancing are similar to dances of that era.  Believe it or not Adilyn ... Read More »

The next Bollywood star

Manizhe Karimi (better known by her stage name Mandana Karimi), is an Iranian actress and model based in India. After working on several successful modelling projects around the world, she appeared as a lead actress in the Bollywood film, Bhaag Johnny. She was also the 2nd runner up in the popular reality TV show, Bigg Boss 9. Read More »