Graduation Graduation Ceremony at University of Tehran

Tehran University is the largest university of higher education in Iran , founded in 1313 by the order of Reza Shah Pahlavi . The University of Tehran currently has 25 colleges, 9 campuses and 11 research centers, and has experienced Iranian professors in most fields. Read More »

Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet

FAST FOOD CHICKEN NUGGETS Chicken nuggets all start with chicken but also contain several synthetic ingredients from diglycerides to Red #40 to carrageenan. These chemicals help make overly-processed foods like chicken nuggets possible because that’s what keeps the (very few) organic materials in the nuggets from going bad (or looking weird) after days spent traveling on the road or months ... Read More »

The masked women of Iran

French photographer travelled through villages in the Persian Gulf and the island of QeshmMoustache shape masks designed centuries ago to fool invaders, so they would mistake women for male soldiers. Black veils that cover women’s hair or faces may be common throughout Iran but in the villages of the Persian Gulf, girls as young as nine shield their looks in ... Read More »

The Scary Museums of the World

El Museo Dalas Momias In 1833, cholera was the death of many human beings in Mexico. A number of the victims of the disease were mummified, most of them around the city of Guanajuato. These mummies were buried underground for several years, and finally, during excavation, archaeologists found a large grave of buried mummies. After studying, these mummies were exhibited ... Read More »

Pakistani slumming near Tehran

This is not Karachi, it’s not Hyderabad, it’s not Punjab! Here is the bridge of the furnace; just below the brick-burning furnaces of Firouzabad Shahrery. The bridge is not far away, just around the corner, close to Tehran! Read More »

Escape the fine of police in any way!

For some time, law enforcers have been doing everything in their power to escape penalties; drivers who do not respect the law and consider the lawlessness of driving on the wise rules. Read More »

Caspian Sea Day and the Last Days of Summer

Beach Tips On What To Bring To The Beach: Lots of Water, The average adult requires 8 full glasses of water each day as recommended by doctors everywhere. This number increases when lying out in the sun. A good tip is to bring a gallon of water and a couple water bottles. That way you can keep one water bottle in ... Read More »

The 23 millionth hand held in the hands of the Luxury armies of Tehran

The Lamborghini Tauri 88 has entered the Iranian market at an astounding price. The luxury Games of Tehran, the Lamborghini Tauri 88 mobile phone, is considered to be worth $ 23 million from the lacquered capital of the capital. Read More »