Wrong customs and traditions

In a world with so many countries, religions, tribes and customs, it is impossible for everyone to like everything. While we have come a long way since civilisation began, some communities are stuck with age-old traditions. While some of these may be mystical, others are downright lame. Read More »

Opening of the first Golden Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam

The decadent Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel opened with bathtub bling and coffee cups plated in the 24-carat metal. It even has a gold-plated infinity pool on the roof. The five-star hotel, which claims to be the first property in the world clad in gold tiles, took 11 years to build. Read More »

Ebru Gundes and her dauther

Turkish singer Ebru Gündeş has filed for divorce from the born Turkish businessman Reza Zarrab, who was recently arrested in the US city of Miami on charges of money laundering and sanctions evasion in March. Read More »

James Bond’s oldest mistress

In the James Bond movie Spectre, Italian screen siren Monica Bellucci (The Passion of the Christ, The Matrix Revolutions, Irreversible) portrays Sciarra, a distraught widow with an uncertain future who helps Daniel Craig’s 007 infiltrate and uncover a secretive terrorist cabal called SPECTRE. Read More »

31-year-old Mahlaqa Jaberi’s birthday

Mahlagha Jaberi is a successful American fashion model that resides in Los Angeles, California. She is of  ancestry and has amassed a very strong and loyal social media following, in no small part ,because of her great fashion style and beautifully taken images. Read More »

Shahrokh Estakhri’s wife in advertisements

Advertising is ubiquitous in our society. Television, newspaper, magazine, radio and internet advertisements of commercial messages are part of our daily lives. Moreover, not all advertisements contain commercial messages. Read More »

Birthday of Mehran Ghafourian’s mother and daughter

Mehran Ghafourian posted family pictures for the birthdays of her mother and daughter. Perhaps the biggest change in many mother-daughter relationships comes when the daughter has her first child. Assistant professor of human development at Penn State University Karen Fingerman said age strengthens mother-daughter relationship, partially because of shared experiences like having children. Read More »

Niavaran Palace Private Car Museum

The legendary maker of some of the best luxury cars you can buy has had a reputation of exemplary engineering since its introduction in 1906. While the vehicles are still built in England, Rolls-Royce is actually owned today by BMW. Read More »

Partners in Cinema and Television

For a year dominated in one fashion by live-action remakes, sequels, spinoffs, and other lucrative but not transformative film and television products, a lot of novel, distinctive projects broke through all that clutter to remind viewers that movies and series can be far more than just superheroes, CGI, and other forms of “worldwide audiovisual entertainment,” as director Martin Scorsese said ... Read More »

Pardis Pourabedini

As of 2020, no Asian-American has ever been nominated for Best Actress, and no Latinx woman has ever won. If Cynthia Erivo takes home the gold for her performance as Harriet Tubman, she would be the second Black woman ever (the first being Halle Berry in 2003) to win. Read More »