Who is Ramin Yektaparast

The trade conflict between the US and the EU is boomeranging back to the White House. As the EU must now pay higher tariffs on the export of select products, they have retaliated by equally increasing duties on some US products, among them motorcycles including the much-beloved Harley-Davidson. Like no other brand, it stands for the American dream, freedom and ... Read More »

What happened between Shakira and Osvaldo Ríos?

Shakira is at the top of the music industry, and although this should not be news given her successful career, there are different reasons why her latest songs are going viral. After ending her 10-year relationship with Gerard Pique, Shakira decided to release a few songs through which she aims digs at the former Barcelona star. Her latest hits ‘Te ... Read More »

Nature and tree planting day

Since 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation has been hard at work helping as many people as possible not just plant trees, but truly understand their value. As we’ve grown to become the largest member nonprofit organization, so has our passion for getting our hands in the dirt and determination to teach everyone about the role trees play in the health ... Read More »

The romance of Shuka Cafe

Yar Ali Pourmoghadam was born in 1330 in the city of Masjid Sulaiman, Khuzestan Province, and is the author of other works such as “Mirror, Mina, Aineh”, “O Dagham Si Roiinton”, “Gene Ganehai Zard”, and “Notes of a Coffee Shopper.” But his main fame is because of Shuka Cafe on Gandhi Street, which opened in 1360. In 2016, in an ... Read More »

Immigration offices in Canada

Many people seek entrance into a new country for a variety of reasons. These reasons may include seeking, reuniting with family, or pursuing opportunities. However, entering a new country can be a complicated legal process, but government employees, such as immigration officers, are involved with the process. In this article, we discuss what an immigration officer is, what they do ... Read More »

Tragic death of a football player

Football players are athletes who play football professionally. It should be noted that while some parts of the world use the word “football” to describe soccer, actual football refers to the American version of the sport. Football players have various duties outside of the field, such as attending regular practice sessions, memorizing complex attack/defense patterns, and keeping themselves in peak ... Read More »

The ex-wife of a famous singer

A singer is a person who uses their voice to produce music, typically by singing lyrics or melodies. Singers can perform in a variety of styles, including pop, rock, classical, and jazz. Some singers are also songwriters, who write the lyrics and music to their own songs. The physical act of singing occurs as air passes through the larynx, throat, ... Read More »

Who is Nuruddin Kyanori’s son?

Nuruddin Kyanuri was born in 1294. He was the grandson of Sheikh Fazlullah Nouri. Mr. Kianouri completed his high school course at Dar al-Funun University, and after graduation (in 1313), he went to technical college. After one year of studying at the technical school, he went to Aachen, Germany, and studied road and construction and got a doctorate. In 1319, ... Read More »

The secret life of Putin and his 39-year-old wife in the forest

Vladimir Putin is living with his gymnast lover and children in opulence with images showing the mansion in the countryside away from Moscow, it is reported. The Russian leader and Alina Kabaeva enjoy a secret life at the forest palace by Lake Valdayskoye which is halfway between Moscow and St Petersburg. Putin ordered the building of the stunning 13,000 square ... Read More »

Prince Rezan in London

The Crown Prince, was invited to speak at the Oxford Union at 5pm on Monday, February 27 and he is a well-known critic of Islamic Republic Government. The supporters of the Crown Prince lining St Michael’s Street told the Oxford Mail they wanted Western countries to do more to call out what they perceive. People had come from across the ... Read More »