The director and his family

A film director is responsible for bringing a script to life and overseeing the creative and technical aspects of the filmmaking process. They are the visionary behind the film, responsible for the overall artistic vision of the project. The director works closely with the production team, including writers, producers, actors, and crew, to ensure that the film meets their creative ... Read More »

Dressing politicians

For some reason, the reality that politicians (and their partners) often have help selecting their public-facing wardrobes has always been treated like a dirty little secret. No one directly involved ever wants to talk about it. The fact that Meredith Koop, one of Michelle Obama’s aides, served in part as a fashion adviser/assistant was an open secret during the administration, ... Read More »

Musician meeting and discussion

A musician engages in the art of creating, performing, and interpreting music. They possess a deep passion for and understanding of various musical forms, styles, and instruments. Musicians use their technical skills, creativity, and expression to compose, arrange, and produce musical works that elicit emotions, connect with audiences, and convey their artistic vision. In addition to their technical proficiency on ... Read More »

The old comedian in the hospital

A comedian specializes in making people laugh. Comedians use various techniques, such as jokes, stories, observational humor, wit, satire, and physical comedy, to entertain audiences. Their goal is to elicit laughter and amusement through their performances, often in the form of stand-up comedy, comedic acting, improvisation, or comedic writing. Comedians rely on their comedic timing, delivery, and a keen understanding ... Read More »

2023 POP Gala

Over the past 15 years, we have built nearly 600 schools, served over 230,000 students and 875,000 community members. This year, we aspire to celebrate in every community we serve in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos. We invite you to help us celebrate with our students, teachers and community members with a special gift, and help provide what our students need ... Read More »

Who is mahshid Amirshahi

hese were the words of a young woman who was not afraid to stand up against the revolutionary tide that in 1979 was carrying most with itself. Mahshid Amirshahi stood on the side that she believed was the right one. On February 6, 1979, as the Revolution was taking hold, she wrote an article entitled “Is there nobody who supports ... Read More »

Popular star of the sixties

An actor is a professional performer who portrays a character in a film, television show, play, or other form of entertainment. Actors use their talents to bring characters to life and create an emotional connection with their audience. They work with directors, writers, and other performers to develop and refine their performances. Actors may work in a variety of settings, ... Read More »

Five points from David Beckham’s documentary

A new Netflix documentary on David Beckham has given us an insight into the life of one of the most iconic English footballers of all time. From free-kicks to haircuts, Beckham hit the front and back pages of newspapers, and even inspired a film title. The documentary, titled Beckham, and jointly made by his production company Studio 99, sees Becks ... Read More »

Mona Ashufteh, a member of the national volleyball team

Volleyball is a team game played with a ball and a net. There are teams on either side of the net. One team hits the ball over the net line and into the other team’s court or area, the other team must then hit the ball back over the net and in bounds within three tries without letting the ball ... Read More »

Elton john and family

Elton John has discussed his gentle approach to parenting his two sons Zachary, nine, and Elijah, six, after his own turbulent childhood. The musician, 72, who shares his brood with husband David Furnish, has shared that he refuses to ‘hit or shout’ at his kids after he had to ‘walk on eggshells’ as a child himself.Elton John has discussed his ... Read More »