Funeral of an old man with his favorite car!

An old mandala literally took the phrase “ride or die” to the next level after he made a death wish to be buried with his car, literally. It was apparently the deceased’s final wish to take his ride with him to the next life. The old man was buried in his car as per wish. Read More »

The best soccer photos of 2020

The cameras capture an intimate prematch encounter between two bona fide Boca Juniors legends up in the terraces at La Bombonera. Maradona is head coach of Gimnasia, Boca’s opponents on the day. Read More »

Confrontation with extremist Jews over coronavirus rules

Some devout Orthodox Jewish communities have been slow to follow lockdown orders in Israel, helping drive a surge in coronavirus cases that officials are struggling to contain.Known in Israel as Haredim, or God-fearers, ultra-Orthodox Jews make up about 12% of Israel’s population — but they account for as much as 60% of Israel’s COVID-19 cases, hospitals estimate. More than 6,000 ... Read More »

Goats Take Over Town in Wales

A coastal town in north Wales has found a whole new meaning to the phrase herd immunity, after goats were spotted roaming its quiet streets. It comes just days after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced tighter restrictions around social movement last week in a bid to limit the spread of coronavirus. Read More »

Family of 4 living in 300-square-foot tent reveal self-sufficient

Zac and Katie Ruiz have been living in a 300-square-foot tent since 2017. The couple was living in a small apartment in California, and they were unhappy. Katie Ruiz inherited an acre of land in New Mexico, and Zac told Insider in 2019 that they wanted to move onto it so they could “break the cycle” of just working to ... Read More »

Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Made By Women

Monopoly The original version of Monopoly was called The Landlord’s Game and was invented by Elizabeth Magie in 1903. In the 1930s, Charles Darrow ripped off her game and sold it to Parker Brothers at Monopoly. When Parker Brothers found out Charles Darrow had stolen the idea for Monopoly, they tracked down Elizabeth and paid her for her patent. Read More »

Check out the Las Vegas Strip, without the 42 million visitors

The Las Vegas strip is feeling the effects of coronavirus as a number of resorts and casinos close in an effort to create social distancing. Wynn Resorts has announced it will close its Wynn Las Vegas and Encore properties beginning on Tuesday and continuing for two weeks. Read More »

Surprising Facts About Firstborns

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve thought about birth order and how it affects your kids. Am I harder on my firstborn? Do my kids have a normal sibling relationship? Does the order in which the kids were born really matter in the long run? Turns out it does. Scientists have done extensive studies on family make-up and how ... Read More »

Doctor warns innocent people will die

Shocking videos have emerged showing influencers across different platforms performing the stunt, despite official advice urging the public to follow a variety of health measures to stop the killer pandemic’s spread. One influencer, who Metro.co.uk has chosen not to name, appears to have started the ‘challenge’ on TikTok, by licking what seems to be an airplane toilet seat while a ... Read More »