The Bedrooms Of Children Around The World

Photographer James Mollison travelled around the world to capture children’s bedroom. Millions of people from around the world are currently experiencing very different childhoods. Some are living in abject poverty, lacking basic food and sanitation, while others are more fortunate by being born in a country where those things are guaranteed and usually taken for granted. Read More »

Butterfly lands on musician during an international competition

During the Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition in Odense, Denmark, Japanese flutist Yukie Ota gets an unexpected fan when a butterfly lands on her face. Regardless of why the butterfly is there, Yukie keeps it professional and finishes her song. Read More »

This is the worst way to die

The UK Daily mail reported today that a Chinese medical student died of heart attack as he looked at ‘sexy magazine’ when he made fourth donation to sperm bank in a week. Zheng Gang, 23, he was found dead in private booth of clinic at Wuhan UniversityNurses entered after realising he had spent two hours producing sample. Death came to ... Read More »

Lady Gaga Arrives in Dubai

Lady Gaga flounced into the United Arab Emirates this past Monday dressed rather regally as she arrived ahead of her first ever performance in the Middle East. The 28-year-old certainly made quite the impression as she landed in Dubai, dressed in a stunning sheer gold gown that was covered in gorgeous sequin and jewelled embellishments. The words ‘censor’ and ‘Gaga’ ... Read More »

The Hug of the Century

An African lion has been filmed ’embracing’ the woman who nursed him back to health in an animal shelter in Colombia. Ana Julia Torres runs the Villa Lorena shelter for abandoned and maltreated animals. While Ms. Torres receives help from Cali’s environmental police, who deliver rescued animals to her doorstep, she shuns government financing and other involvement with the authorities. ... Read More »

Magic Mountain Roller Coaster catches fire

Colossus, the 36 year old wooden roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain caught fire on Monday and partially collapsed. The park was closed at the time of the fire and no one was injured. The ride closed last month after 36 years, and is to be replaced by a hybrid wood-steel ride called Twisted Colossus set to open next ... Read More »

Daddy took my ear and nose off!

In the video above, a little boy struggles to come to terms with his “missing” body parts after his dad pretends to take them away. “My nooose!” he bawls as his dad jokingly “pulls” it off. Don’t worry, though, both ear and nose end up making it back to their rightful places. Read More »

That moment you realize you’re a cat

For one curious Scottish Fold cat, there’s nothing quite like seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time. Sure, he’s probably seen a mirror before, but this kitty hasn’t paid attention to who’s on the other side until now and it’s frightening. Read More »

Omar Khayyam on It’s way to Manhattan

A statue of Persian classic poet Omar Khayyam (1048-1131) is scheduled to be installed in Manhattan, New York City. Created by the Iranian sculptor Hossein Fakhimi, the two-meter tall statue was sent from Tehran to New York on Monday evening. The decision to set up the statue as a Persian symbol was made by Manhattan municipal officials during Iranian President ... Read More »

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding

The first photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding have officially arrived. People magazine has exclusive photos from the couple’s nuptials, including a look at Jolie’s unique and colorful twist on a wedding dress. People is running the photos in conjunction with Hello! magazine internationally — that cover shows the gown from the back. Jolie, 39, and Pitt, 50, ... Read More »